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The Zeblaze Crystal Smartwatch with Bluetooth


Still looking for a smart watch? Well, you should not look further since Zeblaze Crystal Smart Bluetooth watch is what you need. The watch is a perfect definition of everything that any modern person would require. It is complemented with a handful of features all meant to facilitate ease of use and to uphold convenience at all times. While most people may want to consider other fishy brands, Zeblaze Crystal Smart Bluetooth Watch proves to be the only one worth.

Zeblaze Crystal SmartwatchThere are innumerable things that make this watch rank high in the midst of other brands out there. The fact that it is very modern and presentable is enough to convince you to go for it without the second thought. Without further ado, here are among others the features that will interest you in Zeblaze Crystal Smart Bluetooth Watch.


This is certainly a basic thing that you might want to consider when buying a mart watch, right? Well, Zeblaze Crystal smart watch has the best Bluetooth function that may be rare in other brands. With the function, it makes it easy for the user to transfer the necessary documents and files to another compatible device. It is also possible to synchronize your smartphone to the watch with the help of this function.

Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate MonitorYour health is certainly very important. For sure you will not hesitate to purchase a smart watch that keeps a very close monitoring on your heart health. This is what you should expect from Zeblaze crystal smart watch. Just like an apple smart watch, Zeblaze crystal is designed to provide you with all details that you may require with regard to your heart rate.


Well, no one can deny that this is a very important feature in this smart watch. Consider a situation where you are rained on or have dived into a swimming pool with your wristwatch. If it is not waterproof, then it means that you will have lost a very valuable thing. This is not something that should worry you at all. Why? Zablaze Crystal smart watch comes with a waterproof feature. You can dive into a swimming pool or get in contact with water without worrying about the condition of the watch.

Large Screen

Zeblaze Crystal Smartwatch designDisplay is something very important in a smart watch. Every person craves to have a smart watch that has a large screen to display large graphics. Zeblaze crystal Bluetooth smart watch has it all. The screen that this watch comes with is large enough to facilitate clear view of graphics. It is very easy to operate the watch.

Genuine Leather Band

Zeblaze Crystal Smartwatch leatherComfort when in your smart watch is paramount. The kind of wristband that comes with any smart watch is the key determinant of if you will be comfortable or not. Zeblaze crystal smart watch comes with a genuine leather wristband. It is very tender and gentle on your skin. It is also very durable as well hence you will not consider replacement any time soon.

Price and Availability: The Zeblaze Crystal Bluetooth Watch is availability at an already discounted price of $64.99 from Gearbest.com but you will still get additional discount and save $3 if you use the coupon “ZC” without quote during checkout. Go grab it now from Gearbest

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