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How to get started with Youtube Red


If you are an addicted YouTube fan, you will be happy to know about the launch of YouTube Red. This is a brand new paid, monthly subscription that offers several features to make the viewing experience superb. Just like the powerhouse YouTube, the latest version has also become popular among internet surfers.

youtube_redNow before anything, you need to know what this new version is all about. This version of YouTube is one of the best since it removes all advertisements from videos. Even though it was first launched as YouTube Music Key, Google later changed the name to YouTube Red. Along with this, Google has also extended it to all videos, which means you can enjoy your favorite video without any ad interruptions.

What to expect from it?

New version of YouTube allows you to watch videos without any ads on the YouTube website, mobile app as well as TV. However, this doesn’t apply to the paid channels or movies where you will still see ads. Interestingly, if you own any of these devices, you can watch your favorite video without ads. Some of these include:
• YouTube Gaming app for iOS and Android
• Apple TV
• Android TV
• Gaming stations such as PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and more

Along with these, YouTube Red also has some other features which included offline viewing and listening to the videos while keeping the screen off. But these are only available on YouTube and YouTube (Red) Gaming app for Android and iOS. Additionally, you can now download any video on your smartphone or tablet and watch it for up to 30 days without using any internet connection. That’s not all, you can also enjoy listening to your favorite song on YouTube Red while using another app. It is extremely useful when you are listening to music while using another app.

What’s in store for you?

Starting from 2016, this new YouTube will also get access to new members only original movies and shows from YouTube. In simple words, you will get to see what’s new on YouTube even before your friends. The biggest catch for all subscribers is the free monthly Google Play Music subscription that is included in this new YouTube version. However, you can also Subscribe to Google Play Music and get YouTube Red for free. In simple words, you won’t need to pay for both these services separately that makes it a win-win situation.

How does YouTube Red affect if you don’t sign up?

Well, YouTube doesn’t force you to sign up for the new version. But, if you sign up to Red, you get a bunch of features which are not there on YouTube. Without a subscription of Red, you can still watch all videos of your choice, but with ads. Even though you will lose out on the features of Red, your viewing experience will still remain the same. Above all, most of the contents in Red will come to you as free for a specific period without ads. If you don’t want to lose out on this, it is a must for you to subscribe to new YouTube.

With that being said, if avoiding ads are what you want, YouTube (Red) is what you need. Along with this, Red also allows you to download videos easily. The option of listening to your favorite music with screen turned off is also a welcoming feature most users would love. So, there are plenty of reasons as why you need to subscribe immediately since now you know how to get started.

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