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How To Get Started With YouTube Music


Maybe you have been wondering how you create a platform where you can be listening to a well-organized playlist. It is simple. YouTube can help you do just that in simple and fast steps. Thankfully, YouTube has an application that can be used on both android and iOS. This means that you will have the privilege of listening to your favorite hits right from your mobile phone. We must admit that this is fun.

YouTube MusicBefore you get started with YouTube music, it might be necessary for you to subscribe to the Red Subscription. This is considered more convenient since you will be spared the ads on your screen. You will also be able to play your favorite music even when you are offline. In other words, this package is better by far hence the need to subscribe to it first.

Here are fast steps to follow to get started with YouTube music:

#Step 1

The first thing you should do is signing up to your Google account. This is necessary since you may not be in a position to start up with YouTube music. You must access the music dashboard from a verified Google account.

#Step 2

Upon signing in to your Google account, you will now be able to access the music on YouTube. However, you must be under a subscription in order to enjoy your favorite vibes. The great thing is that there is a plan that allows new members to try YouTube music for 14 days after which the respective payment plans will apply. Select the trial offer and enjoy your music for at least 14 days before you decide whether or not to carry on.

#Step 3

The next step is simple since it entails familiarizing with the operation of the platform. Now, after accessing your account you will be presented with the main screen. Here, you will have a three-tabbed view.

The Home tab should provide you with a thumbnail list of songs that you played recently. This includes even recommendations of other hits that you can play.

The Fame tab is meant for displaying some of the most trending hits on YouTube. This includes newly released hits. It is more of a recommendation tab where you get suggestions of songs that should not pass you.

The Thumbs-Up tab is meant to show you the music hits that you have liked so far. Maybe there is a hit that you consider very interesting for you and you would love to listen to it over and over. You can like it and retrieve it whenever you wish.

#Step 4

There are 3 buttons at the top of your YouTube music page. The buttons are very important and therefore you should know their use. The hamburger button is meant to direct you to the list of music that you recently played.

The Toggle button is meant to help you switch from video to audio mode any time. The Search Button is used to help the account holder retrieve music from the wide YouTube playlist.

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