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You Can Now Get OnePlus 2 Via Invites


OnePlus-2-invitesOnePlus 2 is man and not Apple iPhone, this smartphone has gotten one of the biggest hype so far this year.

“When a OnePlus 2 is born, it’s assigned an invite to help it find its home. Launching a second flagship product to an exponentially larger community brings a whole set of new challenges, and invites will help us manage them.

We’ve said it before and it will always hold true – we’re committed to bringing amazing products and services to every OnePlus user. To provide the best OnePlus experience and keep risk low, we’re launching the OnePlus 2 using invites.” — OnePllus

It has not been officially release but invites for the 2015 “flagship killer” are already rolling out and OnePlus, the Chinese subsidiary of Oppo Electronics who are the maker of the much hyped smartphone, says you can get one (an invite that let’s you purchase the smartphone) by taking part in its various online contests.

The OnePlus is expect to feature a 4GB RAM and a USB type-C port, Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset and should be sold “under $450,”.

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