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Yahoo Launches Livetext Messaging App


yahooYahoo has launched a new app called Livetext, where users can send each other video and text without sound.

To know how it works, we soike to Yahoo’s Arjun Sethi (formerly co-founder and CEO of MessageMe). He explained that the opportunity he sees in taking the audio out of video messaging.

“We took the sound away because we wanted you to use this product in any context,” he said. “So that means if you’re at a ballgame, if you’re at a concert, any noisy location or even if you’re commuting to work or going to school. … We wanted to make sure you can have those special Livetexting moments without having to think about where you are.”

Yahoo stealthily released a version of the app in Hong Kong earlier this month, and it’s planning the big launch for today on both iOS and Android.

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