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Xiaomi Enters India; Partnered Foxconn to produce Smartphones


Chinese smartphone giant, Xiomi has taking s step further entering neighboring country, India to start producing smartphones. Xiomi who has been waxing strong and taking the lead as China top mobile phone manufacturer in the second quarter of 2015 is partnering with Foxconn, the company that is responsible for producing the iPhone and iPad, to create devices on the ground in India mobile industry. The first India-made phone will be the Redmi 2 Prime, an updated version of its budget smartphone line, which is also its biggest seller.

xiaomi-india-smartphone-debutXiaomi and Foxconn have already begun production. The first fruits of that labor is the Redmi 2 Prime, which is available from today for 6,999 INR — that’s approximately $110.

According to Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s who stated that the partnership which will attract world-class manufacturing and design is another step for Xiaomi local brand.

India isn’t the only market where Xiaomi is developing its local operations. The company recently entered Brazil, the home country of its head of international development — Hugo Barra — where it is manufacturing devices locally due to high import taxes.

Foxconn itself has pledged to invest $5 billion to grow its manufacturing chops in India. Xiaomi is likely to be one of its many partners there.

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