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Xiaomi Coming To Nigeria


Xiaomi_RedMi2_M4The most valuable company on China referred to as the Apple of China, Xiaomi is coming coming to Nigeria. The company is successful in producing high end Android phones ans took the market from Samsung by bringing in phones with low prices.

Yezz Mobile, an American company, which came to Nigeria months ago failed to do a proper market survey as pointed out by TechRez in a recent article. Looking at Xiaomi’s success in China, however, it is very clear the company lowers profit margin on hardware and profits via software.

Xiaomi set to unveil two smartphones in Africa come September: The Red Mi 2 (costing $160) and M4 ($320).

According to an article on Forbes, the smartphone will be sold in Africa by Mobile and they are setting up online stores in 14 countries. This strategy is quite similar to how Xiaomi markets its products in China.

“I think Xiaomi is currently the one of the most exciting mobile internet brands. It is very well suited to the needs and income levels of the emerging middle classes in Africa. There is a great need for mobile technology in Africa that is of top-notch quality but still affordable. What I found in Xiaomi is a company, and a business model, that can accommodate the needs of African consumers.” RJ van Spaandonk, president of Mobile in Africa said,

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