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How To Connect and Manage Wireless Connections on Windows 10


It is just incredible that Windows 10 is now here. It is pretty obvious that you will want to know some of the basic tasks that any computer user should know. Understanding how to manage your wireless connections should be one of the major goals in this case. It might prove hard for you to understand where to find the internet settings now that Windows 10 is very new in the market. However, with this tutorial, you will definitely learn how to manage all your wireless connections on windows 10 easily.

windows 10 2Before discussing the process, it is important to note that if you are using Ethernet, all you need is to plug in the respective cable and you will be ready to enjoy surfing. That said, lets discuss the process of connecting to and managing your wireless connection:

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How To Connect To A Wireless Network

The process of connecting to a wireless network entails a number of steps. They include:

  • Configure your wireless adapter- This is where you run the settings of your wireless adapter from your computer. Once you are done, a wireless network icon will show up on the system tray.
  • Choose the preferred network- Upon configuring your wireless adapter, it is now time to choose your network. Click on the newly formed icon on the system tray. There, you will find the available networks. Choose the preferred network, probably the one you have access to.
  • Set Automatic Connectivity- If you will be using the chosen network regularly on your computer, it is advised that you choose the ‘connect automatically’ option. That way, your computer will connect to the chosen network without following the initial process.
  • Connect- The final step is to connect to your network. This is simply done by clicking on the ‘connect’ button just below the network preferences.

Managing Wireless Connections

It is important to note that Windows 10 is an advancement of the previous versions. Fly-in menus have been removed in this latest windows version. This has been done to ensure that users are able to access different features. Managing your wireless networks has never been this easy. Here are simple guides on how to manage your wireless networks:

  • To access the available networks, search for ‘Networks and Internet’ in the main menu of Windows 10 and click on it. This should be located on the upper left-hand side corner of your screen. You will however have to launch the settings app in order to reach ‘Networks and Internet’.
  • If your intention is to check your IP address, SSID or any other advanced detail, click on ‘Advanced Options’ in the internet setting bit. All details in that regard are enlisted there.

To forget one of the networks that you do not use regularly, you only need to locate your WI-Fi settings and Click on the link. Choose the stipulated network and click on the ‘Forget’ button. To restore the forgotten network, you might require configuring your wireless adapter afresh


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