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Microsoft Windows 10: Features and Overview


windows10-family-mytechportal.com-01Microsoft has unveiled the release of it’s latest version, Microsoft Windows 10. It has come as a surprise because it presents a skip from the last version, Windows 8. But why did the skip Windows 9 as many people had expected. The reason for the skip is that Windows 9 will be their very last version of Windows with a more advanced cross platform(from anonymous sources). This pledging windows aims at addressing the shortcomings presented by Windows 8 in the user interface. It is the beginning of a new generation of Windows as it unlocks great experiences for users to play, work and connect.

This OS will run on a wide range and incredible set of devices including PCs, tablets, smartphones, Xbox games and other embedded Windows devices. All in all, there will be one application platform and one store. For all the developers of games, business apps, and others, Windows 10 has provided a universal application and one store for all applications to be established, purchased and updated in any device.

Microsoft Windows 10 comes with new features which Windows 8 did not have. Actually, Its everything Windows 8 should have been. These features include;

– Start menu
Windows 10 has brought back the start menu familiar in Windows 7. however, its a bit advanced with a customizable space for you live tiles and favorite apps.

– Snap feature Enhancements
This new feature in Windows 10 aims at helping the users snap applications side-by-side, horizontally and even vertically. This upcoming Windows will also show other programs and apps running for additional smart snapping.

– Task view button
On the taskbar of the new Windows 10, there is an added task-view-button feature which will enable the user to switch between open files quickly and also access the desktops he/she created easily.

– Virtual Desktops
This feature enables you to create different desktops for various purposes and projects as well as making it easy for you to switch between these virtual desktops and take off from where you left in each desktop.

– Continuum
This amazing feature allows you with two-in-one devices to connect and also disconnect keyboards more easily as well as quick transition in the modes.

Windows 8 has not achieved universal success because its efforts to stitch together mobile and desktops has been way too radical and couldn’t encourage many users. This shows the benefit of Windows 10 to Windows 8 since Windows 10 solves this problem and comes as a remedy to Windows 8 identity crisis.

It is said that Windows 10 will be free for users but to enterprises which buy Windows to install on the products they sell, Microsoft has refused to disclose the price for Windows 10.

One of the Microsoft Windows 10 pros is that it will be available to various devices and its access and ease of use is highly enhanced. So anyone using a Windows products will be able to use this Windows 10 on the product. Though windows 10 is said to be released late next year, the above is a preview of the proposed Windows 10.

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