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Common Windows 10 Problems and How To Fix Them


Well, most people know Windows 10 as a perfection of the previous versions. It is in some way but only to some extent. Despite being considered on of the best releases by Microsoft, there are some problems here and there that you should know about. Remember that the OS has already been in circulation and a great number of people have used it. The problems related to Windows 10 are as a result of revelations made by users.

windows_10_problemsThe good thing is that despite the fact that there are some problems connected, it is possible to bring everything to rest. Some of the problems are not as serious as people would term them. In fact, some of them will only require basic knowledge to have them solved. All the same, it is absolutely necessary to know the common Windows 10 problems and the main ways to fix them.

Here is a list of these problems:


A good percentage of people have already confirmed that Windows 10 has some issues when it comes to activation. This is majorly common soon after installation or upgrade. It is quite unfortunate that the problem does not have a confirmed solution. However, it is not long lived. It takes just a matter of minutes for the problem to disappear. Activation gets back to normal automatically.

Problems With Google Chrome

Another main problem that Windows 10 users are facing is with regard to Chrome browser. Almost every Windows 10 user claims that chrome is responding poorly to the OS. Some claim that the browser is slow in loading while others say that they experience unexpected shutdowns on the same browser.

An ideal solution in this case is to consider an alternative browser. Mozilla Firefox has been identified as the browser that can work just fine with Windows 10. In the meantime, it is rumored that Google is doing all it can to ensure that major upgrades are done on Chrome for a better performance on Windows 10.

Folder Limitation on Email App

This is yet another common problem that Windows 10 users are facing. It has been revealed that Windows 10 users will not have the privilege of creating sub-folders in the email app. This means that you will face major limitations when managing your emails. This is something that Windows 8 users did not experience. It is just unfortunate that the problem does not have a solution for the time being.

Wi-Fi Connection Problems

Quite a considerable number of Windows 10 users are having issues with Wi-Fi connection. Some are complaining that their computers are facing challenges in searching and tracing available Wi-Fi networks. Others are complaining that there are unexpected disconnections of available Wi-Fi networks. The overall connectivity in Windows 10 cannot be termed best.

Disabling your Wi-Fi sharing function is considered as an ideal way of stabilizing Internet connection on Windows 10. Better still, you might want to consider rebooting your computer for refreshing purposes.


  1. wow what an incredible terrible article. The issue about activation is wrong many people report that days after updating they still cannot activate. The issue about chrome not working, you have a solution to just use Firefox. That is not a solution.

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