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How To Configure Notification Center In Windows 10


It is indeed a very strong development that Windows has finally come up with a notification center. Windows 10 in particular comes with this feature. It is possible to check what you missed earlier by simply checking your notification center. In your taskbar, you will find an icon named ‘Action Center’. This is the place where all your notifications will be stored and retrieved consequently.

windows-10-notification-centerAmong the many features that come with Windows 10, the Action Center is seen as the best. This is because you can track very important activities through your computer with the help of this feature. It is also not possible to miss all important things including news since all notifications will be dropped there.

Opening The ‘Action Center’

The action center is located at the bottom of the screen, particularly on the taskbar. It resembles a conversation balloon. Upon clicking on it, you will be able to see all the prevailing notifications. You can decide to expand the notifications in order to have a larger review.

Users are also allowed to clear all notifications if they so wish. If that is what you want, then there is a function designated for just that. You should click on ‘Clear all’ in order to facilitate deletion of mass notifications. There may be some notifications that you might be willing to retain due to their magnitude of importance. In this case, then you should not opt for ‘clear all’ option. Beside each and every notification there is ‘X’ sign. In order to delete a notification independently, you will just have to click on each ‘X’. That way, you will be in a position to retain the notifications that you do not wish to erase.

Configuring Notifications

It is important to ensure that your notifications and the action center are configured. It is with the help of such configuration that you will be able to channel notifications to your ‘Action Center’.

To do so, you will first require opening the settings in your computer. Once you have opened the settings, you should then go to system group. This is where you will find all options regarding notifications. Trace and click ‘Notifications and Actions’. You will be presented with sets of options, with the top-most being ‘Quick Actions’.

The ‘quick actions’ are actually the 4 options that you will find once you open the ‘Action Center’. It is these options that you are supposed to configure. However, you are at liberty to change the ‘Quick Actions’ to those that you will be using often.

There is a link that is labeled ‘select which icons appear on the task bar’. This is the option that you should use in deciding which options that should appear in the ‘Action Center’. If a certain option is not required at the task bar, then you can simply move the knob to ‘off’ and vice versa. At this juncture, you should ensure that your taskbar is not crowded by activating just a few functions.

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