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How To Get Ready And Prepare Your Computer For Windows 10


It is a nice thing that you have finally decided to move from windows 8 to the latest Windows 10 version. It is indeed a nice idea to consider that. After all, Windows 10 is the latest advent in the market and there is absolutely no problem is embracing modernity.

windows_10_pcNow, there are some things that you must do in preparation for Windows 10 installation. Remember that you still require some important data in your computer hence the need to keep everything safe.

Here are steps to follow in order to prepare for Windows 10:

#Step 1

It is very important to first decide on if you want to upgrade Windows 10 or you wish to embark on a whole new installation process. Note that there are so many differences between the two.

Upgrade means that you already have Windows in your PC and you just need to do some repairs and upgrades. Fresh installation means that you wish to introduce Windows 10 to your computer. At this juncture, you should decide on the data you wish to preserve.

#Step 2

The next step is to prepare your computer for the stipulated change. It is important to note that there will be a prime change upon installing Windows 10 in your computer hence the need to make the necessary preparations.

At this juncture, you should consider downloading the necessary files for fresh Windows installation. This includes procurement of product keys. In other words, you should have ready all the necessities in windows 10 installation.

#Step 3

Creating a bootable CD or Flash drive should be your next step. It important to bear in mind that Windows cannot be installed without the help of a bootable program. You can opt to create either a bootable flash drive or a CD. The bottom line is that it should be bootable. Not to forget, you should also keep safe your product keys. Preferably, the product keys should be included in the bootable disk.

#Step 4

The most important thing in this process is backing up you data. You should note that there is a possibility of losing your data when installing Windows 10 in your computer. It does not matter if you are upgrading or installing fresh Windows. Backing up at this point is integral.

Ensure that all your important files are kept safe in readiness for the new program in your computer. You can use an external hard drive to store your important data. Better still, you can store everything in cloud. Whichever way, you should ensure that a good data backup is maintained.

#Step 5

You will need to take note of programs that need to be deactivated before you carry out the clean up process. This is one of the steps ignored by many, yet very important. If some of the programs are not deactivated before the cleanup process, then installation may not be flawless. The computer memory may also be affected hence limiting your future usage.

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