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Why You May Not Want to Jailbreak Your iPhone


iphone-6-topSo many people love jailbreaking their iPhone because it opens up so many things they wouldn’t believe it could open. It also has ability to cause problems. Below are reasons why you not want to jailbreak your iPhone.

Goodbye Stability and Safety

While jailbreaking can bring loads of options to increase the functionality of you iPhone, it can as well make it not to work properly. Little extensions and add-ons can cause applications to crash and you will have to figure out what is cause the problem. Jailbreaking turns your mobile into a regular computer in the sense that solving a problem will be so hard because it requires a lot of knowledge. Yes, there are tools to help you troubleshoot problems but they are not that easy to get. If you like to know that things are just going to work, jailbreaking may not be your best bet.

Additionally, some tech experts knows that jailbreaking your iPhone is not safe from a security standpoint. Opening up your device to new possibilities can also mean opening up your device to new vulnerabilities. While you can take steps to prevent that, it, again, takes a bit of effort that you may not be willing to perform.

You Don’t Get to Update iOS as Soon or as Easily

Updating your iPhone is not really easy. It sucks, it is stressful. When you update, you will need to re-jailbreak your phone again and re-install all your jailbroked app and extensions. There are tools like PkgBackup that can make restoring that stuff a bit easier, but it won’t be performing like the normal OS update. This will be very frustrating and may stop you from getting the regular iOS. Apple’s latest track record there have been some significant issues requiring many incremental iOS updates like the location tracking “bug” and those may be vital to you. When you’ve jailbreaked your iPhone, you have to wait longer than the normal iOS users to update with lots of cool new features if you really need the latest bug fix. If you’re going to jailbreak, you better be patient.


You’ll Be Restoring From Time To Time

Jailbreaking is fairly easy to do, when you do it, it works. Sometimes, it fails. Either you will have to keep trying again until it works, which might get you pissed or you’ll find yourself performing a full restore pretty often. Retoring the iOS doesn’t take time at all, estoring all your music, photos, videos, and other media takes time a lot. When you want to jailbreak, get ready to lose up to four hours of your time in case if a problem occurs though it doesn’t happen always.


Good Jailbreak Apps are Pricey

If you are the type who don’t like paying for apps on the iTunes App Store, you are sure not going to like the apps on the Cydia Store. There are great apps, and some people don’t have a problem shelling out the money for the developers, but the best ones are often paid apps/extensions and cost more, on average, than what you’ll find on iTunes. If you are not reay to pay for some better options like better notifications, better SMS, better app switching, retro game emulation, and more, you might want to leave your iPhone unjailbreaked.

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