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Whatsapp Video Calling Application: The General Concept And How To Activate It


So, the great news has come. Whatsapp is now in the process of developing an application that will facilitate video calls. This is seen as a major move that is bound to hit the market with a boom, thanks to the new management under Zukerberg. The app is yet to hit the market but we already know how it will be. No speculation though. Total certainty is an assurance.

whatsapp video callingThe general functionality of this app is more like that of Skype. Arguably, some of the features that are seen in Skype will be seen in Whatsapp video call feature as well. However, there are some things that will be seen as the prime clear-cuts between Whatsapp, and other video application.

Not so long ago, Whatsapp introduced the voice call feature. So far, the app has been doing well in that regard. Actually, major improvements on the same have been implemented to make Whatsapp calls even better. This is an indication that the speculated Video call will begin at a certain point and then develop as time passes. On thing for sure is that the feature will make things easier by far.

How To Activate The Feature

Considering that this is a new feature, it goes without saying that some changes will be required for Whatsapp. In this regard, you will require downloading the latest version of Whatsapp in your phone in order to enjoy the video feature. The existing versions of Whatsapp may not be in a position to support the video feature and that is why latest download is considered necessary. You can search through the web and find some of the credible sites in terms of offering legitimate software.

Aside from downloading the latest version of Whatsapp, you will also require downloading the APK video feature. It is believed that Whatsapp will develop the Whatsapp Video Calling APK to facilitate video calls. This is the application that will work more like Skype. Its role is to synchronize video and audio between the involved gadgets. Again, you must ensure that you download this app from a legitimate site. This is for the simple fact that there are some sites that may be dealing with malware in the name of software.

Once you download the APK application, you will then have to run it on your phone. However, you cannot run the said app without first downloading the latest Whatsapp App. This is because the APK video calling application is designed to automatically synchronize and intertwine with the Whatsapp app so as to function normally. When running the APK app, all you need is to follow the provided guidelines in your phone and the app will be ready to role.

Note: For you to enjoy the best video calls on your Whatsapp, it is very important to ensure that you are dealing with a strong network. Video transmission through the internet may be a little challenging if the network being used is not strong.

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