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WhatsApp To Discontinue Support For Blackberry and Some Nokia Phones Before End of 2016


Pretty bad news for Blackberry and Nokia users! The recent developments indicate that Whatsapp will not longer support Blackberry and some Nokia phones at least by the end of 2016. The truth is that this is a major development in the world of mobile phones, though to some extent negative.

whatsapp-discontinues-bb-nokiaThe reason for this decision by Whatsapp is that the company wishes to take the app to a whole new level in the near future but with Blackberry and Nokia phones still in their scope, it might prove hard for them to hit the stipulated target. Arguably, Whatsapp company considers Nokia and Blackberry phones old and therefore with no capacity to support any new developments on the app.

Whatsapp admits that Nokia and Blackberry phones have played a major role in ensuring the growth of mobile industry. However, the aforementioned brands may not have full capacity to facilitate Whatsapp app developments. It is a regrettable decision for Whatsapp but basically everything is for the betterment of their services to the world.

While most people think that the move will hit only the old models of Blackberry, the case is not so. It has been confirmed that all Blackberry phones, including those with the latest android technology (blackberry 10) will be part of the effect. However, not all Nokia smartphones will be affected by the decision. Arguably, S40, Symbian S60, as well as other Nokia models that run under the 2.1 android technology will be slashed out of Whatsapp. Notably, the Windows phone 7.2 will also be part of the mishap.

The only proposal that Whatsapp made to those who will be affected by the move is for them to buy new releases of smartphone and at least those that do not fall under the aforementioned brands and models. If you still feel that your current Blackberry or Nokia smartphone is so dear to you, then you should consider upgrading to the latest android version.

‘This is one of the toughest decisions we have ever made but it is for the betterment of our services to people. With the new development, we will be able to ensure that you reach out to your family and friends in the easiest way possible. It was never our intention to hurt Blackberry and Nokia users,’ Whatsapp stated in their blog.

The problem is that the news has not been taken so warmly by the users of Blackberry and Nokia. Some feel that the move by Whatsapp is overly discriminatory and might paint the wrong image of Blackberry and Nokia companies. However, the decision by Whatsapp cannot be revoked and therefore there is no other choice than switching to smartphones that can support Whatsapp. The end of 2016 will crack the whip against Blackberry and Nokia and the effect will be worldwide. The affected companies will be compelled to develop new phones that can support Whatsapp in the long run.

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