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Verizon Finally Ditches Two-Year Phone Contracts


VerizonLast week, Verizon became the third most popular carrier in United States, the other two carriers who are above Verizon has tightened up their belts so well in order for Verizon not to take over them in few months time.

Verizon says it’s shunning 2-year contracts, 1-year agreements or whatever it is that confuses people when buying a new smartphone. To cut the tales short, next time when buying a smartphone from Verizon, you will be asked to pay complete for the product, and then pay for a call package and data plan if you want.

While SMsare free and calls are charged according to how frequent you called (if you are not on a bundle), Verizon will charge you $30 per month for 1GB of data, $45 for 3GB, $60 for 6GB, and for the 12GB plan, $80 per month. To share your plan with another device that will cost $20 per month, adding a tablet or hotspot is $10 per month, while sharing your data with a smartwatch is $5 per month.

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