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Use Your Phone or Smartwatch to Unlock Your Computer


Maybe you have been wondering how possible it is to unlock your computer with the help of your phone or smart watch or even a smartphone. Maybe you are wondering if there is a perfect replacement for regular passwords. It is very possible to unlock your computer with the help of a smartphone or smart watch. Modern technology has seen sophistication in smart devices go higher and higher. One of the main developments in that line is the fact that you can unlock your computer using either a smart watch or a smartphone.

unlock_your_computerThe only little limitation is that this function is more on Apple devices. It may be possible to unlock a windows computer with the help of your smartphone but the function is mainly limited in this divide. Apple devices have proven to be more sophisticated and that is why the remote unlocking function is available in them.

Here is how you can unlock your computer with a smartphone or smart watch:

Unlocking Mac with an Iphone or Apple Watch

Like earlier noted, unlocking an apple Mac using an iPhone or Apple watch is fully supported. In fact, users in this divide enjoy the most polished options there can ever be. Knock is the tool that is used in facilitating the unlocking process of your mac. All you need is to synchronize your apple mac with your iphone or apple watch with the help of Bluetooth Low Energy. You will also need the Knock application in both devices.

Once paired, you will only configure the Knock application with your apple mac and you will be ready to use it as an unlocking device. With Knock, it is even possible to unlock your Mac without necessarily getting your iPhone out of your pocket.

Unlocking ChromeBook With Android Phone

Among the many computer releases out there, Chromebook carries a stronger credit for the fact that you can unlock it with the help of an android device. Google has played a major role in ensuring that it is possible to unlock chromebok remotely.

All you need is a SmartLock application in your chromebook and android device being used. The only problem is that you will require devices that use android 5.1 and newer versions. Once you have installed this application, you will have to pair the chromebook with the android watch. Any time that your phone is locked, your chromebook will also remain locked. Android smart watches do not facilitate this process since the feature is not yet compatible with such.

Unlocking Mac With Android Phone

It is possible for your android device to unlock and lock your mac. However, the tool required at this juncture works with regard to proximity. The proximity tool in this case is AppleScripts. You will require installing it in your android device as well as the mac. When linked, your android device will lock your device depending on proximity. Manual setup will be required to ensure that the system works well for you.

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