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How to use a PS4 DualShock 4 to play PC Games


Sony recently made it official that its DualShock 4 would also work with Windows. That explains why PC gamers across the internet are totally fired up. Although the new DualShock isn’t exactly the type of controller that plays automatically when plugged in, it can be recognized by a PC right away.

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Xbox One controller on PCPCs have never supported standard console controllers. Be it MOBA, MMORPGs or competitive shooters, users relied on the mouse combo and keyboard for inputs and precision. But recently, following the rise of indie PC gaming and steam, more PC games are now jiving better with standard gamepads—from the one-button physics based puzzlers to retro platformers.

To help you download and execute all the required programs, we’ve compiled this simple, step by step walkthrough that you can use as guide to connect DualShock 4 controller to your PC.

Download the latest drivers for Xbox 360

Before you find other drivers, visit Microsoft’s website http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/en-us/d/xbox-360-controller-for-windows for the latest Xbox 360 drivers. This lets you treat your PS4 controller like an Xbox 360. If your PC is running on a different operating system, other than windows, just select it from the drop-down menu shown on site. Then download.

Once done, open the file to start the installation process. First accept the agreements shown then click “next” and the drivers will automatically be installed within minutes.

Besides the Xbox drivers, you’ll also need to install the latest edition of Microsoft.NET 4.0, DirectX runtime, as well as Visual C 2010/2012 Run time. Just visit the Microsoft website to download the ones missing on your computer then install. If you’re using the latest DS4, all these programs will be included in the tool disc. All you have to do is install and you’re set to go.

Install the most recent DS4 tool

After installing the drivers, you can visit the PCSX2 forum to download the most recent edition of DS4 tool. Not long ago PCSX2 contributor dubbed Jhebbel updated the previous tool, so that it can specifically work with DS4 controller.

To download the software, scroll down the thread to select the most recent DS4 tool—currently version1.4.40. Once done, locate the “DS4 tool” and click it to initiate the installation process. The software will then begin by scanning your computer using the setup wizard, after which it will prompt you to download any software that’s missing on your PC. Click on the next button and the setup wizard will begin installing the necessary components.

Connecting Your DS4 Controller to Your Computer

To connect your DS4 to your PC, you can either use a Bluetooth connection or USB. For this case we suggest you use an USB because 1) its reliable and 2) some Bluetooth chipsets are not compatible with the Dualshock Tool.

Next, connect the controller and head straight to the DS4 tool program to open it. Once it opens, your PC should automatically recognize the DS4 controller so that it can allow you to make a handful modification on device settings.

The DS4 tool lets you activate automatic profile switching. To do this, just adjust the sensitivity of the joystick then customize the button layout. Plus, you can map game controls to your predilection, something that other game controllers don’t actually support.

After you’ve adjusted your DS4 options the way you like, you’re free to use it for any kind of PC gaming. But since the DualShock tool is still in beta, there’s a fair chance you may find some bugs. In case you do find them, don’t fret. Just shut down the program, re-sync your controller, or reboot the scpServer. But more importantly, keep checking for updates in the DS4 tool folder.

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