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How To Use Ballloon To Save Files Straight To The Cloud


Cloud storage has never been this easy, thanks to the advent of Ballloon. This is one of the chrome extensions considered to be the best in ensuring that you data is stored straight to cloud in the easiest way possible. With just a simple click, you will be able to move your crucial data to cloud hence ensuring that you have the best backup. Needless to say, data backup is very important and storing files in cloud is the best way of keeping everything secure.

balllon_extensionSo many people have already made use of ballloon and they can confirm that it is indeed very reliable. In fact, most of the previous users give the extension nothing short of 5 star rating. Here are simple steps that you should follow in installing and using ballloon in storing your data directly to cloud:

#Step 1

The first step in this case is downloading Ballloon extension to your chrome browser. It is important to note that for you to be able to store data directly to cloud, a Ballloon extension will be required. More to the point, it is important to make sure that you have an updated version of Google chrome. In other words, the browser should be fully compatible with Google chrome.

#Step 2

Once the Ballloon extension has been added to your chrome browser, you should be able to trace it at the upper right-hand side corner. Click on the Ballloon icon . You will then be prompted to sign in with your google account. Ensure that only valid information is used in signing up with your Google account.

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#Step 3

Let’s assume that you want to store an image directly to cloud with the help of Ballloon.  You will have to hover the mouse over the image in question. Doing so will enable you to find the cloud storage options that you have including Dropbox and Google drive. At times, the icons may not appear. If this is the case, you should refresh your browser and hover the mouse again.

#Step 4

Lift the image in question to the cloud application. There are cases where you might be required to confirm if you still need to make the move. If such a permission is sought, then you should not be alarmed at all. Just give your permission and you will be ready to store your files. Upon dropping your image in the cloud app, you will have facilitated storage in the same. To confirm if your image is indeed saved, open your preferred cloud application and check if a copy of the image appears there.

Note: Ballloon also offers users with the privilege to keep a very close track of files. If you are using Google Drive, for instance, all you need is to click on the Ballloon extension and then click on the 3rd tab. There, you will have the option to keep track over your data.

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