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How to Streams and Watch Online TV Channel like Hule, Netflix and others with Unotelly


Unotelly is a premium online service that lets you streams and watch over 300 block online channels like Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer and others due to your country’s IP restriction.

unotelly_logo_mytechportal.com_Launched in 2011, the Canada based company through it DNS, UnoDNS allows the streaming and viewing of some geographically restricted premium channels, over 300 premium channels at their disposal available to their subscribers irrespective of their country’s IP or location. Through UnoDNS, one bypass the block placed on these premium channels to some countries and have full access.

Why Unotelly is better than VPN

Unotelly is far better than a traditional VPN provider in the sense that Unotelly via it UnoDNS allows customers to access video streaming websites from a variety of devices very faster with better ability to access content from multiple countries.

What Makes Unotelly Stands Out?

  • Over 300 channels (and counting)
  • Free 8-day Trial
  • Customer support available 24/7
  • Compatible with most streaming devices
  • Access to Netflix’s global catalogue
  • Easy navigation between websites located in different regions
  • Access to the best rates for professional sports channels
  • No impact on Internet speed About UnoTelly

How Does Unotelly really Works?

Every Website has a Domain Name (www.example.com) and an IP (Internet Protocol) Address

On the Internet:A website is like a home

A domain name is like an home address

An IP Address is like a home phone #.

When you type in a website’s domain name into your web browser, your computer finds the matching IP address to locate a website. A DNS (domain name system) server acts like a telephone directory that your computer uses to search for a website’s matching phone number.

Like websites, every computer/device has an assigned IP address that belongs to a particular area.
Some U.S & U.K websites block certain regions from accessing their media content.
UnoDNS bypasses such geo-blocks by providing you with a local IP address when accessing these websites.UnoTelly is transparently creating a network tunnel from your location to our servers.
Any data not directly related to our supported media content is untouched by UnoTelly and is forwarded directly to the Root Name Servers.

How to Get Started:

Unotelly.com believes in the quote “Good products/services sells itself without much marketing” That they prove by giving an 8-day free trial to test run their service and after which they believe you will subscribe based on the quality of service rendered. Unotelly provides a simple 2 step setup after registering and by changing your DNS to theirs and start streaming unlimited videos.

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