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How to Format and Unlock Your Android Device Password, PIN and Security Pattern


Things happen, right? You might be confused on how it was possible to for you to forget a password/pattern that you created yourself. Well, it sometimes happens and the next thing you should be thinking is what to do. You may also be caught up in a situation that limits access to your tablet. Now, there are things that you should consider doing in order to regain access to your tablet. The main thing here is to hard-reset.

Android_passwordThere are several circumstances that require hard resetting in order to open the tablet. Such circumstances include:

  1. Lost/Forgotten Password

Like earlier stated, it is possible to forget your own password/pattern to unlock your tablet. This is one of the things that completely limit your access to the tablet. In this case, hard resetting is considered the best option.  The data in your tablet will be wiped off. In other words, your tablet will be as good as new. Doing so will enable you to unlock the tablet without necessarily accessing the menu.

  1. Freeing System Memory

Here is another case where hard resetting your tablet may be rendered necessary. You might have realized that some of the files in your tablet are stubborn and they cannot be easily erased. In such a case, it is only ideal to force the formatting. In this process, all data will be lost including the stubborn files.

  1. Lost Google Account Credentials

No one can dispute the importance of a Google account. Almost each and every user of android devices has a Google account where important information can be stored. If you forget your Google account credentials, then you will have no choice other than formatting your tablet. In this case, the password or pattern of your tablet will be lost and the data too. You will also have to reset the credentials of your Google account as soon as you have regained access to it. However, you will have a chance to remotely unlock your Google account. If that fails, then formatting is the only way out.

  1. Restoring factory Settings

This is more like bringing back all the tablet settings to default at a go. This is usually considered necessary when you want to sell your phone.In a different note, a change in system file in your phone may have prompted slow functioning of your phone hence calling for formatting.

How To Format Your Password/Pattern

  1. Make sure that your phone is switched off
  2. Restart your phone but this time using both the power and volume-down buttons. This should prompt the formatting process.
  3. Operate the command-like window using the power and volume buttons. Use the power button to select while the volume buttons will be used to scroll up and down. Make the necessary selections as requested.

The final prompt will be ‘Wipe Data’. Select this option and allow your tablet to restart. Once it restarts, all data will be gone.

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