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How to Unlock Huawei E5372 LTE Mobile WiFi Modem


Unlocking your MIFI (Mobile Wi-Fi) modem gives you the opportunity to use any other network provider SIM other than the one lock to it. In this tutorial i will break it down how i unlocked my Huawei E5372 Mi-fi modem from Spectranet and using it on Swift Networks, MTN or any other network provider of my choice.

Huawei E5372 modemThe Huawei E5372 is a mobile modem router that supports 4G LTE which uses the conventional SIM card. Each of the E5372 modem sold of any network provider is tied the particular network service, inserting any other SIM card won’t work except unlock. When unlocked, the Huawei E5372 Mi-Fi router can work with any GSM SIM card or any ISP that provides 4G LTE service. Currently, the major 4G LTE service provider in Nigeria are Swift, Spectranet, Smiles.

Follow the steps and procedures outlined below to unlock your  Huawei E5372 modem

  1. Power off your E5372 mifi modem
  2. Note and write down the IMEI Number of your modem.
  3. Next step will be to get your modem unlocking code from any reliable Huawei Code Calculator.
  4. Most of online code calculator do require a small amount of fee ranging from $5 to $10 but you can get if for Free from modem unlock, visit this the direct link Huawei Code Calculator.
  5. Insert any other network service provider SIM (Invalid SIM) and Turn on your mifi modem.
  6. Connect with the modem to your PC via the Wi-fi
  7. Type  (Which is Default Interface of your mifi Router) into your browser, it will indicate an invalid or Locked SIM with a pop-up to enter the unlock code
  8. Enter the unlocking code generated with your IMEI from the Huawei Code Calculator
  10. Enjoy ..!! (Your router is unlocked)

Got any info, difficulty or idea to share? express yourself via the comment box below.


    • @Brick Fitz, below is your unlocking details;
      Model No. : e5372
      IMEI : 862554023443461
      NEW ALGO CODE : 48221950
      OLD ALGO CODE : 60241149
      FLASH CODE : 60454874

  1. Would this work even on any Huawei e5372? I have one that I had purchased when I got Bolt 4G in Indonesia. I got the unlock code as per your instructions, but when i connect my system to Bolt

  2. Sorry for not completing the previous post. So when i connect the system to PC, I dont get any popup to enter the unlock code. Am i doing somethign wrong?

  3. i can unlock for you if u are interested just send me ur mifi model and imei number but mind you nothing goes for free …. its not a scam i will unlock for u give you the code before u make payment if interested add me on whatsapp +2347087410839………. will give u prove i unlocked mine.

    • @Musa i help appreciate if you can assist users intending to here. Yea as long you provide solution, they will be willing to pay but please be considerate in you charging them. Over busy these days to carter for such.

  4. @Musa – thanks but i dont want to be sending my device anywhere. I have already generated the code using the Huawei Code Calculator. My issue is that I am not able to access the Advanced Settings. The moment I am able to get that, I would be able to unlock it.

    • @Ash, i dont think Musa was asking for you sending you device anywhere but rather you send your IMEI and modem model. The current Huawei modem calculator i have is finding it hard to generate correct code.

  5. Hello, Please help
    Model No. : E5372s-601
    IMEI : 862554023488540
    I previously generated a code but I dont know which to input…I’ve tried all three after the other but nothing

  6. Hi bro I need your help and you get for me the unlocking code of my WiFi model is E5573 and IME is 866162023871941

  7. Hi Emmy,
    I am using a Huawei modem and tried to unlock using below code created but failed.
    Model No. : E5372
    IMEI : 864578016306318
    NEW ALGO CODE : 51538664
    OLD ALGO CODE : 50125046
    FLASH CODE : 42917010

    Please help.

  8. Hi Emmy,
    Nice job here. I have mine unlocked and would like to use it on the swift network. Would appreciate if you could assist with configuration (APN) settings for SwiftNG. I havent had any luck getting the settings. TIA.

  9. i got my unlock code, but the problem can’t put it, and it say’s permanently simlocked. Is there any way to unlock the permanent locked?

  10. Hi, thanks for the assistance. I have unlocked my mifi device, kindly advice on how to set it to browse with a mobile sim. When my new sim is in and i try connecting my devices to it, it keeps telling me to login and when i enter the username and password of the mifi it tells me wrong password which doesn’t allow me browse. The sim i put in already has data on it. Please help.



    IMEI : 358151050186237
    OLD ALGO UNLOCK CODE : 34995371
    NEW ALGO UNLOCK CODE : 12554236
    V3 (V201) ALGO UNLOCK CODE : 0
    V3 (V201) ALGO NEW UNLOCK CODE : 26638227
    OLD / NEW ALGO FLASH CODE : 53809348
    OLD ALGO RESET CODE : 5ad0a5176d9be6df9d00fced6c5e438e
    NEW ALGO RESET CODE : f2c840dee381ee6f1b9ae8e3c18a9035

    V3 (V201) ALGO NEW UNLOCK CODE : 26638227 use this one

  13. 866079022946013 – E5573
    Flash : 60188324
    Old Algo : 53744038
    New Algo : 77851753

    None of these codes works. Can you please assit me? Tks

  14. Hello sir, I have entered the unlock code but when I put the new network sim in it shows invalid profile and can not browse with it. Is there something to finally reset it?

  15. Please explain it is only the uilock code that need to be entered or should the imei and algo code be entered alongside

  16. Hi Emmy,

    I am currently in Ecuador and need help unlocking my Russia Megafon router.
    My laptop and cellphone (both bought in the US) connect to the Claro network but for some reason does not receive internet connection.

    Perhaps it is not compatible? There is mention of the DNS not being setup correctly.

    Inside my Huawei account (interface) there is no where to enter an unlock code. Perhaps I am not entering the proper IP address?

    Is there anything that can be done? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

    MegaFon MR100-3-79B2 (e5372)

    IME: I864578017790825

    Thank you and best regards,

  17. hello pls kindly help me with the unlock code for imei—852554021982783
    model- E5372 i have 6 attempt left. pls

  18. Hello, brother. I got a code for my device whose IMEI is 865103022199844 but it keeps telling that the unlock code verification failed. Please help me.

  19. Dear Support,
    What if the Device shows the unblock Attempt is 0 and unable to unblock the device. Is their any option or I have to purchase new Device.

  20. Hi Emmy,

    I have tried this unlock codes for my huawei modem e5327 spectranet, it is still not unlocking. i have used both old and new algo and yet no result. these are the details of the modem.
    Model No. : E5372
    IMEI : 862554023529707
    NEW ALGO CODE : 44610193
    OLD ALGO CODE : 64744281
    FLASH CODE : 56698523

    • I already have the unlocking code but I did insert the modem for a pop up to appear as to input the unlocking code… its not coming up. what could be the cause.

  21. Good day please I need unlock code for E5372

    IMEI : 862554020118132

    Thank you very much for your help. God bless you

  22. Hi there, i am having a NO SERVICE error on my E5372, does anyone know how to fix this, the sim works perfectly.

    I know this is probably not the right platform to ask, but no one else could help me. My Wifi has been working perfectly up until 3 days ago.

    I went on the but it also says NO SERVICE on there too.

    Please help anyone….

  23. I have E3372h-153 Modem
    IMEI: 866119026322199
    VI: 54171392
    V2: 59518563
    V3: 66845578
    Flash Code: 56094837
    All the codes cannot unlock the modem.
    Please help.

  24. Hello Admin, Pls my generated code didnt work, and its remaining 5 attempts on my moderm, here are the codes below

    IMEI : 86255402311481
    Huawei Flash Code : 64241961
    Huawei V1 Unlock Code : 38345415
    Huawei V2 Unlock Code : 92977444

  25. Hello Admin, pls help me to unlock these

    Huawei E5372
    IMEI : 862554020131549

    Huawei E5578s-932

    IMEI : 866166020456226

    Thanks in anticipation of your help sir.

  26. Hello Admin, i followed your instructions but was stucked when on the page am supposed to insert the unlock code, there was a pop up asking for username and password, before i can access the page. I need help please

  27. Hi Admin, I wish to unlock my Huawie mifi e5377bs-508
    IMEI: 865113021654897.
    Pls, help with the unlock code.

  28. After unlocking my spectranet E5372s-601, is working with all 3G network mtn glo etisalat, but not working with smile 4G network. how can i fix it, thanks

  29. i have been trying to unlock my E5372s-601 modem but is giving me error generating the code. here is my imei number . 862554020416189

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