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Unboxing with Hands-on Review of Innjoo Max 2


A couple of days ago, Mytechportal.com wrote about the Innjoo Max 2 full review and specification, today we will be unboxing the Max 2 and have a hands-on experience playing around with it.

Don’t get confused, the Innjoo Max 2 is quite different from Innjoo Max 2 Plus, though the difference might not be that much but it will be confusing mixing both devices together.

Unlike every other Innjoo smartphones that comes in a flat red pack, Max 2 came in a different up-long red and black pack. max-2-boxUnboxing the pack reveals the device and every of it accessories which includes a standard charger, USB cable, earphone with 3.5mm chord, a user manual and warranty seal.


Grabbing and holding the Innjoo Max 2 with one hand feels comfortable and well positioned. the Innjoo Max 2 is a 5.0 inch screen phone with IPS display technology. Max 2 features a 1.3GHz Quad-core processor, a dual sim function, 13MP back and 8MP front camera, 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM.


Innjoo Max 2 backview display elegant curvy look with “Innjoo” boldly and horizontally written across.Max-2-back

Sideview of the Max 2 reveals it 8.9mm thickness.max-2-sideview

Powering the Innjoo Max 2 will max up your life with the usual welcome display of Innjoo logo before phone loads and boot into the Android OS. max-2-powering-on

The phone loaded to it homepage. Innjoo Max 2 comes pre-loaded with Android 5.1 Lollipop OS.max-2-powered-on

A quick glance at the Max 2 about phone status in settings reveals thephone to truly comes with Android 5.1 Lollipop.innjoo-max-2-about-phone

Price and Where to get the Innjoo Max 2? The official price for the Innjoo Max 2 is N21,500 and only available on JUMIA for now, subsequent days to come will see the max 2 available on KONGA and other online / offline stores.


  1. having used it for 4 days what’s it like? it’s main competitor for most folk will be the Infinix hot note. Would you go that route instead? i’m in the market for one so i ask. the Innjoo One 2 seems definetly better speced than the Infinix Zero 2. holler

  2. Thanks for the quick response. i guess on such a blog you cannot outrightly favor the note over the max 2 or vice versa. One last question i find the infinix note slightly big especially to keep in ones pocket so i’m wondering does someone gain anything in terms of screen pixel density by sticking to the smaller Max 2 screen?

    • No as par gaining or losing resolution, the Hot Note is 5.5 inch while the Max 2 is 5.0 inch mind you Max 2 plus is 5.5 inch also, all with the same resolution and IPS screen technoloty. It’s just a matter of choice

  3. Pls I just got the max 2. It better than infinix hot 2. Bt am still looking for the memory card slot or is it unavailable on d fone.

    • @Aham, the max 2 memory card slot is one of the sim slot which means if you want to use 2 sims you cant use memory card, is either you use one sim and use the second slot for memory card. same applies to max 2 plus and Innjoo 2. Newer smartphones this days is designed in such way.

  4. pls o, does the 3 buttons bellow(Home, back, option keys) have light when touched??..also, does it have notification light on top of the screen, e.g when you have a chat, msg, facebook etc… it blinks different colours depending on the app….

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