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Ulefone uWear Bluetooth Smart Watch


I am quite sure you must have heard of Ulefone as a brand. What you may not know is that the same company has a smart watch named after the brand. If you are looking for a smart watch, there is every reason why you should consider Ulefone uWear Bluetooth Smart watch. It is among the leading releases in the market and one you should consider buying without hesitation.

ulefone_uwear_bluetooth_smartwatchThe truth is that the manufacturer of this smart watch understands everything that you might be looking for in any smart watch. This is because literally all key features of a smart watch are made available in this one. You can therefore be assured that the watch will fully complement your experience be it at work or at home.

Among the features that you will like about this watch include:

Sleep Monitor

You might have never known the kind and quality of sleep that you have every day. Perhaps you have always been interested in knowing if your sleep is healthy or not. All you need for this is Ulefone Smart watch. It is designed in a manner that it can closely monitor your sleep and evaluate if it is healthy or not.

Aside from that, the watch can also help you monitor your daily movements, in terms of steps covered and other aspects in that line. You will actually be reminded to take rest by this same watch.


First, it is important to note that this smart watch can be synchronized with your phone. This means that you can operate your phone from the smart watch. The essence of the dialer featured in the watch is to ensure that you receive calls and respond to messages without necessarily removing your smartphone from your pocket. This is certainly a feature of convenience especially when driving or engaging in other activities.

Remote Camera and Music

Did you know that Ulefone Smart Watch can facilitate remote photo capturing and playing of music? Yes, you heard me right. The smart watch is made in a manner that it can control your smart watch to capture any photo or even play music. It is a nice feature especially if you wish to capture a photo of yourself with your friend or family.


The best part of all is that this watch does not allow water to penetrate through. This means that you can do your daily washing or even walk in the rain without worrying about your Ulefone Smart watch. The structuring of the watch does not allow wetness to go through it.

2.5D Arch Touch Screen

Apart from being large, the screen of this smart watch is incredibly clear. It falls under the 2.5D Arc technology whose graphic display can only be termed superb. You can be assured of never straining when viewing details on Ulefone smart watch.


To ensure that you are able to connect your smart watch to your smart phone, the Bluetooth quality that Ulefone has is indeed the best. It is very powerful to facilitate easy communication between compatible devices.

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