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Uber vs Lyft: How To Pick The Right One Before Your First Ride


We must acknowledge that technology has really advanced for the past few years. Those days when you used to stand by the road and wave your hands at an approaching taxi are all gone. Today, all you need is an application on your phone and you will be able to access transportation services at any time of your choice. Uber and Lyft are the main transportation services that implement mobile technology in ensuring that their clients are served best. New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco are the prime beneficiaries of Uber and Lyft.

Uber vs LyftHowever, before you consider either Uber or Lyft, it is important to take into account a number of things. This is because both Uber and Lyft have distinguishing clear cuts. You need to put both service providers under scrutiny and opt for the best. Whether you opt for Uber or Lyft, the bottom line is that your choice should serve you best.

Here are important things to consider when weighing between Uber and Lyft:

Price Deals

Of course this is the main point of difference between Uber and Lyft. Although there may be no large difference between their offers, there are still some that might interest you. For instance, Uber charges $2.20 as the base fee while Lyft charges $2.25. Rate per mile for Uber attracts $1.3 while that of Lyft attracts $1.35. You might realize that the difference in charges is in cents. However, no matter how small the difference is, there is still a difference.

Available Packages

The first thing you need to ask yourself is, what kind of ride you are anticipating. This should help you in identifying the most suitable package in the respective company. Now, Uber has a number of packages and plans. The main ones are UberX, Uberblack, and UberXL. It is for you to consider the specifications of each and go for the best.

Lyft on the other hand has two prime packages or rather plans. They are Lyft and Lyft Plus. The latter comes with more while the former is just basic. Again, it is for you to opt for one that works for you.

Customer Ratings/Reviews

Well, reviews have a lot to do in portraying the image of a certain company, and this case is not different. You should be vibrant enough to discover what other people think about either Uber or Lyft. In any case, there are some observations made by previous clients.

Aim at checking if Uber or Lyft has negative or positive reviews. If there are negatives, then understand what the mishap is all about. If there are positive reviews, aim at understanding the selling points of the respective company. The point behind doing all this is to ensure that your choice is best.

Scope of Coverage

You also need to ascertain if Uber or Lyft covers your area. Well, the truth is that both companies have managed to spread their services wide and far. However, there are places that Uber covers that Lyft does not. All you need is to check the profile of each company and understand their areas of coverage.

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