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Uber has employed a NASA researcher to help design flying cars

Not content to remake the taxi business, Uber now wants to take ride-sharing to a whole new level. A vertical level.

As Bloomberg’s Brad Stone reported, Uber has hired a NASA researcher, to crack the flying-car challenge. Moore was already a player in the whole Silicon Valley dream of flying cars, having written a paper that got Google Larry Page into the idea via several investments.

According to Stone: “Moore is leaving the confines of the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, where he has spent the last 30 years, to join one of Google’s rivals: Uber Technologies Inc. Moore is taking on a new role as director of engineering for aviation at the ride-hailing company, working on the company’s flying car initiative, known as “Uber Elevate.”

The idea isn’t as implausible as it might sound at first. Uber wants to use the electric-powered, short-rage flying-cars, which could take off and land vertically, to connect ground-based Uber rides.

So what Uber is really aiming for her is a way to enhance and accelerate its existing service, albeit in a truly blue-sky manner.

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