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Apply for customized UBA Africard and get it within 5 days


United Bank for Africa (UBA) is among the top 5 banks in Nigeria and Africa when it comes to size, innovations and unrelenting customer service, thereby making it a  leader in online and internet banking as well.

uba-africardIt’s no doubt one need a debit or credit card to complete online shopping and payment transaction, in this article i will share with you how to Apply for the UBA Africard debit card and get it within 5 days. Unlike the former instant card that you get almost instant, UBA recently stop the issuance of the instant card, there all Africard are now customized in one’s name.

The UBA Africard is a standalone Visa debit card that is accepted in all major stores and online service websites. I have been using the card personally for over 3 years now and there hasn’t been any declined from all website i have used it on. What i love more is that the card is standalone prepaid card, it’s unlike the traditional ATM cards that are link to ones account, UBA Africard is not, you have to fund the card before you can use it. The case of theft and unauthorized transfer of funds from ones account to his debit/credit card is not common on Africard as the holder bank account’s is not linked with it.

The new UBA Africard has an expiration period of 5 years, yes you heard me right 5 good years, unlike former card that has only 2 years life expiry.

How To Apply for the UBA Africard

Walk into any of UBA branch with the under-listed document for straight processing;

  • Valid ID (Accepted ones are any of national ID card, driving license or internal passport)
  • Two passport photograph
  • Utility bill not later than 3 months (Address on utility bill must correspond with contact address filled in application form)
  • N700 card activation fee.

Fill in the application form and submit all documents, after verification, the banking officer makes photocopies of document submitted and hand you back the originals. You get and instant alert of activation on your phone number, come back in 5 working days for your physical card, sometimes it takes less may be 3 days.

That is all i went thought to get my new UBA Africard. Watch out for my next post that that teach and inform you how to apply  for UBA Udirect which you can use to load your africard, till then.




  1. hi i just need to know if any one other the me can get a card for me let say i live in guyana and sum one there can there get the card for me and how long the card have before it expires when you get it

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