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Turn Your Smartphone into a Wireless Mouse & Keyboard for Your Computer


Your smartphone never ceases to amaze you with regards to the number of things it can do. And while you’re still trying to wrap your heads around some of its latent functionalities, allow us to chime in and remind you that your phone can still function as a keyboard or mouse.

gpadThis particularly very important if you’re using a laptop and the onboard keyboard or mouse is somehow a letdown. Or let’s just say you’re used to moving the cursor using a real mouse, or you want to control your unit from a distance.

Whichever the case, it’s still important to note that your smartphone can still function as a mouse or keyboard if you learn the ropes.

Let’s Get Started

Download and installed the gPad remote torchpad/keyboard from Google Play for Android device or your respective OS market store if available and then the desktop setup that works for both windows PC and Mac. Also installed the desktop setup file on your computer.

Once done, pair your smartphone to your PC using Bluetooth, a USB cable or WiFi connection. For those using WiFi Connection, it’s important that you write down your computer’s IP address first before you proceed. You’ll be required to enter it in your phone’s setup in case the WiFi connection fails. Whichever connection you choose, make sure the pairing is done before you proceed to the next step.

Using the Gpad

You can now open the Gpad app on your smartphone and leave it running. Next, head to “setting” and select “connection” type. There, choose your type of connection: WiFi, USB or Bluetooth.

After that, go back to “setting” and scroll down until you get to the “relevant setting,” and then again, select your type of connection before clicking on “scan.” Select your PC from the results shown to pair them up.

If they prompt you to enter the IP address on the setting’s page, just enter your computer’s IP address. This may be called for if you’re trying to connect the two using a WiFi connection.

Not yet done, but we’re almost there.

On your smartphone’s gpads main menu, go ahead and click on “touchpad.” Your smartphone should be able to remotely move the cursor on your PC. This will go on until you decide to disconnect your smartphone from your PC.

Move your fingers across the phone’s screen to move the cursor. You can tap it using your ring finger to left-click, two fingers to correct click, or pinch the screen to zoom in.

Please note; if anyone around you has the app and is sited close to your PC, they can easily use their smartphones to gain access and control some of its features. Just be wary enough to ensure there’s no one to hack into your PC before you can proceed with the connection.

Using Your Smartphone as a Keyboard

Go through the icons on the app to see how much it allows you to do with your smartphone. Ultimately you’ll come across the keyboard icon, which upon clicking opens up a QWERTY text field that you can use as a keyboard. Anything you type using this keyboard can be viewed on your computer’s screen. Note that the “return” essential on the keyboard functions the same as “enter/return” on an actual keyboard.

There are many reasons as to why you’d want to use your smartphone as a keyboard or mouse. From watching movies on your PC, to using the feature during class presentations and lessons, reasons abound. Just ensure you know how it’s done and I guarantee a reason will pop up sooner than you sit yourself down to sussed out one.

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