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Tips to Ease Troubleshooting of Basic Computer Problem


Just like any other electronic gadget or device, the computer system can develop a fault anytime irrespective of giving earlier warning signs or not. Ability to troubleshoot and fix error when they arise can be useful skill most especially when you follow due principals and procedures.

computer-troubleshootingTo ease troubleshoot fault and errors detection, certain guidelines and principles to successful resolving the problem must be ahead to. Below i have outline few steps worth trying in case you encounter any computer problem before calling the expert if the fault seize to resolve after trying.

1. Gathers as much information as you can from the point of fault occurence including symptoms, error messages, computer history.

2. Try to reproduce the problem taking note of any error messages or unusual system activity.

3. Determine whether the problem is hardware or software related, you can notice this by watching error messages, using device manager and accessing the hardware using a variety of applications. The reminder of this exercise assumes that the problem is hardware related.

4. Start with the most accessible component in the affected subsystem, making sure that it has the right and adequate power supply to it.

5. Check the resource of the device and ensure that a device driver has been properly installed for it.

6. Test the device by using it in another computer or simply replace good working device in place of it to verify.

7. Contnuing testing and checking all components in the subsystem, working your way into the computer.

8. Finally, test the computer’s most basic components such as BIOS, system board, memory and processor.

If after all attempts, one can’t still figure out the basic problem, you can then consult a technician.

Common Computer Scenario Problem & Likely Solutions

My computer fails to power on

  • Check the power source from the wall or UPS, check if power pack emit burnt smell

How can i determine if a monitor has gone bad?

  • Try it in another compatible working system.

What should i do if an application has been incorrectly installed?

  • Uninstall and re-install it.

Computer is performing slow than usual

  • Check size of hard disk if getting full, hard disk might be weak and need change, RAM memory might need upgrade to perform some application faster, run and scan PC with antivirus, try re-installing

My sound system is bad. Where should i start to look for the cause of problem?

  • Start with the speakers, check if the appropriate device driver is installed for he sound card

Those are just few out of the numerous common problem, feel free to share your opinion and suggestion via the comment box.


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