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OLX Nigeria acquires Tradestable.com.ng


“Tradestable Becomes OLX” Oh yes that is the message on the popup screen display when i visited tradestable.com.ng without any other alternative than to redirects to olx.com.ng on closure of the popup.

tradestable-becomes-olxTradestable.com.ng which appears to be the only main contender to OLX.com.ng in the classified industry has been acquired and sulked by OLX Nigeria.

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Tradestable Nigeria which was formerly operating from the domain tradestable.com.ng started out in Nigeria around early 2011 with a massive marketing campaign as a classified ad site which gained heart and love of internet users / marketers within short period of time. Not long to that OLX Worldwide (olx.com) launched it Nigerian version, OLX Nigeria (olx.com.ng). Ever since launched in around 2012, OLX Nigeria has not for once stop it massive marketing campaign, utilizing print media, radio & TV, online etc.

As of today, OLX.com.ng is Nigeria’s No.1 classified ad site portal with a global Alexa rank of 9,521 and 52 largest website in Nigeria as at time of publishing this post.

With this merging, other competitive classified site like jiji.ng, ady.ng will have to give a more battle in their marketing to also gain their own share of the industry.


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