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How to Top-Up UK Mobile Lines with Quickteller


Quickteller has introduced an online system that allows you to top-up your UK mobile phone lines via their website stress free.

quickteller-top-up-uk-linesThis will solve the issue of people traveling around with their UK phone lines and unable to top it up when they exhausted the airtime credit.

With this development, UK phone line subscribers who shuffle between the UK and Nigeria or other countries can easily top-up and pay their mobile phone bill from the platform of quickteller.com

How Does it Work?

Follow the simple steps and procedures below to initiate the transaction from quickteller.com

  • Visit quickteller.com from your internet enabled browsing device.
  • Simply click the “UK-Top-Up” button on the Quickteller home page.
  • Select the preferred network of choice.
  • Input the phone number you wish to Top -Up
  • Make payments and your phone is credited immediately.

That is all as simple as ABC. feel free to share your view via the comment box below.

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