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Top 5 Sport Betting Website in Nigeria


If someone had told me 5 years ago that sports betting in Nigeria would be as lucrative as it was now both to the betting company and the betters, i wouldn’t have believe and probably shun the person to go get a job (just over broke). Hee but that was then, yes before 2010. The Sports betting industry in Nigeria is a big business ventures as all stakeholders tends to gain and benefited from the industry, from the government agency who issued out licenses with huge royalties to the betting companies, the betters and agents, all in one way or the other contributed positively to economic development of the country.

Report as at July 2014 revealed that Nigerians spent over N1.8bn daily on the average on sport betting alone.

According to M88, Sport betting is the kind of business that when monitor well, it can be a good money earner (dont get me wrong, not promoting pooling) but when not addicted to it and well control, sure it can be additional money earner, no wonder one Nigerian man gone mad after winning N1m from sport betting company, read and see photos HERE.

With the industry growing at a vast paste, so many sports betting companies / agents also springing up but hee sometimes we have to separate the boyz from the men now, You know what i mean? I have researched and come up with the top 5 sport betting website in Nigeria, they also top both according to their website and offline ranking. The below list rank from top to least.

1. NairaBet.com

Founded by Otunba Akin Alabi, Nigerian renowned internet marketer and business mogul. Nairabet was founded in late 2009 shortly after Akin returned from the UK and has seen how it was done over there in the advanced world. Akin already saw the huge potentials in the betting industry, also been the fact that Nigerians are sports addicts most especially football. Today Nairabet has branches scattered all over the federation with thousands of licensed agents. Nairabet online website, Nairabet.com is number one sport betting website not only in Nigeria but the whole of Africa. Nairabet.com spends more in advertising from online, radio, to TV (even sponsored 2014 FIFA world cup on DSTV), brand ambassador, Akin Alabi is a crazy marketer.

2. Bet9ja.com

The folks at bet9ja.com are crazy marketers, oh yes this guyz are just less than 3 years in the game but already topping as the second sport betting website in Nigeria. I can see their adverts in almost every nook and cranny of Lagos, BRT buses, shops, radio etc. Bet9ja even uses Victor Ikpeba as their brand ambassador (lots of money). Ask an average sport better in Nigeria which platform they uses, you will hear bet9ja coming second after Nairabet.

3. 1960bet.com

Dotun Ajeigbe is the man behind 1960bet.ng. They have been around for a while before transforming into sport betting from my research. 1960bet.ng make our number 3rd position as the top betting website in Nigeria and Africa at large. Again from my researched, 1960bet has agents/outlets more than Nairabet but that is not enough to outsmart Nairabet, oga na master now. 

4. Merrybet.com

Merrybet.com pegged it at our number spot and yes they deserve and worth it. Merry bet launched in Nigeria in 2013 has been able to carved a niche for itself in the competitive sport betting business in Nigeria. Merrybet came in when the game is already hot, when the likes of Nairabet was then the only one killing it. Oh yes they merit it. Just like the top 3 above, merrybet.com offers the same services and functions.

5. Surebet247.com

Their keyword in their name “sure” kind of like working for them. Surebet247.com is the sport betting site i saw people netting in over 8 million Naira with just one N100 investment, i don’t know how the better accumulate it but you might want to check Winningmybets.com to learn before placing bet.

Surebet247.com is a sure betting site because to me almost half or more of betters do win. They have been around not long as Nairabet but with massive marketing strategy, they made it as our N0. 5 best sport betting website in Nigeria.

Conclusion: Anything you can’t control is a slave over oneself, so irrespective of people raking in millions of sport betting, their are those losing huge sum also, they key is to never get addicted to something you have no control over and consult the experts like sport betting picks site, a good one is winningmybets.com for likely sure odds


  1. There are some more emerging platforms for sports betting in Nigeria that are getting established with their attractive features. Many of them offers different types of contests to attract more visitors which is good strategy.

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