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Top 10 Best VPN Service Provider of 2014


Top 10 Best VPN Service Provider of 2014What is VPN? VPN for short meaning virtual private network is an inter-network connection allows one to hide his/her identity on the internet encrypting data transfer to and fro by providing a private channel where ones traffic passes through. Some of the basic functions of a VPN listed below;

1) It will make you appear as if you came from a different location or country by manipulating your IP address.

2) It encrypts your signal which makes all your online activity to be illegible to any eaves dropper.
“So what are the benefits of using an VPN …”Here are some of them:-1) You can use your Public Wifi in full confidence.2) You can break out any restrictive network.3) You can bypass Country’s Web Censorship and any Content Surveillance.4) You can download and upload all P2P files in Privacy.

5) You can use your search engines without having your searches logged in.

So if your looking to privately browse the web, streaming restricted videos, or access servers restricted outside your region, you surely need a VPN and we have researched and gathered the best VPN providers as long as 2014 is concerned and the list can server as also top notch providers for couple of years to come, below are the top 10.

1) PureVPN: Monthly Cost $10.00 ; Yearly cost $50.Protocols supported by Pure VPN are as follows, — SSTP — L2tp/IPsec — PPTP –IKEvs2 for BlackberryIt is simple to split the tunneling which is very much helpful for having encryption.
Speeds in PureVPN are around 4 Mbps to 21 Mbps range.

2) Tunnel Bear : Monthly Cost $5.00; Yearly cost $50.Protocols supported by: — PPTPThis VPN provider employs very simple interfaces and has autmoated settings.The 4 interesting features provided by Tunnel Bear are : — It lets you select which websites you want private while browsing or searching on other sites with no VPN. — It blocks all the transmission until your WiFi connection is eastablished back again. — It also offers ongoing blocking or blocklisting of known trackers on your network, — It acts as an safegaurd for all windows of exposure whenever VPN connection looses.

3) VvprVPN by Goldenfrog or Gmbh : Monthly Cost $10.00 ; Yearly cost $100.00Protocols supported : — PPTP — L2tp/IP sec — OpenVPNThe best support for any mobile devices like iPhone or Android devices.Usually users with iPads and Tablets are familiar with these VPN networks, as they definitely appreciate the Vypr VPN apps.

4) UnoTelly: Monthly Cost $5.00 ; Yearly cost $50.00Protocols supported:  PPTPUnoTelly usually offers it services in two parts :- a) UnoDNS b) UnoVPNTalking about cloaking and encryption the this feature is absent in UnoDNS but present in UnoVPN.User with Playstation adn Roku appreciate it, because it provides very rapid access.The best thing about this service os awesome outstanding speeds and extremely reasonable prices which are the most important parts for watching and listening any kind of streaming media.

5) Private Internet Access: Monthly Cost $7.00 ; Yearly cost $40.00Protocols supported:
This is one of the fastest service available which cloaks your identity and alos data transferring.Some great features are: — Auto-disconnecting when your VPN cloaking goes offline. — It conceals DNS leaks from all kinds of hackers and all authorities. — Users are assigned same IP addresses which makes impossible for authorities to match any kind of file transfers.

6) Witopia: Monthly Cost $6.00 ; Yearly cost $50.00Protocols supported : — PPTP — L2tp
— OpenVPN
Depending upon your proximity to Witopia servers, speeds vary.We can expect around 2 Mbps to 9 Mbps. It is highly recommened by many of the readers online and they consider it 100% safe, so if you are a user who does serious file sharing than, Witopia is an great choice.

7) Overplay: Monthly Cost $5.00 ; Yearly cost $50.00
Protocols supported :
— OpenVPN — PPTP
The average speed you can expect from Overplay is strong performance and an decent 6 Mbps speed.
Although their pool size is not as big as HideMyAss.

8) BoxPN: Monthly Cost $6.00 ; Yearly cost $45.00
Protocols supported : — PPTP — L2tp
Best features of BoxPN :
— Very fast speeds ( approximate 7 Mbps speed )
— It does not log into any client activities.

9) HideMyAss: Monthly Cost $11.52 ; Yearly cost $78.66
Protocols supported : — PPTP — IPsec
— OpenVPN
This is the most popular and user-friendly VPN. HMA does provide some awesome features :
— Rotating IP addresses.
— Speed Guides.
— Supporting multiple computers on same connection.

10) Strong VPN: Monthly Cost $8.00 ; Yearly cost $55.00
Protocols supported :
— L2TP
Generally this provider is considered in best for users in Asia. Some promises made by this company are :
— There is no scanning or logging of their customer’s data.
— Strong performance and speed guides.

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