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Top 10 Smartphones To Buy in Nigeria 2015


If you have not transited to the smart world, it is about time you did so with a smartphone. Today, the market features some of the most sophisticated smartphones, some of which can do things that were never thought of sometimes back.

Here are 10 smartphones that have been trending in Nigeria 2015. You should get yourself one:

  1. Blackberry z10

Blackberry has for a long time been considered as a cool brand. There is always something very unique about the blackberry phones. Now they have smartphones under the brand. Blackberry z10 stands among the great hits in 2015. Clear display, clear sound, large memory, clear camera, and long battery life are among the things you should expect from Blackberry z10.

  1. HTC One M9

The sleekness of HTC brands has always been considered very unique. M9 model is not left behind. You will certainly like the 20.7 MP camera that the phone comes with. The large internal memory is also an added advantage. These are just but a few features to enjoy.

  1. InfinixHot Note

It is among the latest releases in the market with very unique features yet cheap. It comes with internal memory of 16GB. It also features a large screen for clear display. The smartphone operates under the android technology.

  1. Samsung Galaxy s6

No one can deny that Samsung is a dominating company in the market. Samsung Galaxy s6 is a hot release that you must be in the hunt for. It has all features that match the description of a smartphone in including powerful camera, large screen, and clear display among others.

  1. LG G4

The main unique feature that this smartphone comes with is the laser-assisted auto glass. This is arguably the best camera in existence. Other features include large screen, high-quality battery, Android OS among others.

  1. iPhone 6

Leaving out iPhone 6 in the list will not be fair. iPhone still continues to dominate the market. The Apple Trademark Fluid, lightweight, strong camera, sleek design, native apps and many other things make the smartphone a great catch.

  1. Moto Turbo

If you thought that Motorola has gone extinct, think twice. The brand is still up and running and Moto Turbo is a perfect explanation to that. The smartphone operates under the latest android version hence rendering it nothing but the best.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung is still a main brand in the list. Galaxy Note 4 goes ahead to confirm that. The performance of this smartphone may not be as efficient as that of s6. However, it is still a smartphone worth embracing. All features including Camera, battery life, screen and others are just incredible.

  1. Motorola Google Nexus 6

Here comes yet another release from the Motorola Fraternity. It is very sleek and with the performance better than most of the models in this umbrella. The size matches with the preference of most ladies.

  1. HTC One M9+

This is an improved version of HTC One M9. It is way better in terms of performance and features. It is a bit larger than M9 model. Its screen of even larger. The main difference between the two is the 4GB RAM that HTC One M9+ has


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