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Top 10 New Cars that Rings Bell in 2014


2014 has been a great year so far. Great in the sense that there’s hasn’t been a more exciting year to shop for a new car. The fuel economy is up, technology is exploding, and car manufacturers are in a production splurge, manufacturing some of the most competitive cars in history.

The problem however sets in when you have to make the best pick from a list of so many appealing cars. But what if you allow us to do all the footwork for you? Taking into account efficiency, value, performance and versatility, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 cars to buy in 2014:

1. Mazda6

mazda6-2014After dissociating from Ford, Mazda went ahead and built the 6 on an-all new car design. So far the only car that bears the same resemblance to the 6 is Mazda’s own CX5 and 3. But under the hood, all the cars have the same story: a 184 horsepower engine delivering 80-mpg (miles per gallon) on the highway.

The cabin is simply-designed, with a straightforward functionality. It may lack comfort, but there’s plenty of room for two adults, and a child’s seat at the rear. For the latest technology features, we have the automatic high beams, the adaptive cruise control, the lane departure warning, automatic high beams, forward-collision warning, and the blind-spot monitoring among others. That goes without mentioning the curved metal sheet the car is wrapped in, as well as the optional super capacitor system that reduces the alternator’s frequency of running, thus boosting the mileage.

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