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Top 10 iOS Apps 2015


The fun in using any apple gadget lies in the apps you have. Although there is still fun in using any device, with the latest apps, things get even better. It feels great to have the latest apps in your phone since everything is made easy. There are a number of iOS apps that you should consider getting. Such apps have been transpiring for the better part of the year, and they are seen as not only efficient but very reliable. Listed below are list of top 10 Apps commonly download and used by iOSĀ users in 2015 so far.

top_10_ios_appsThey include:

  1. Apple Music

Of course, this is the latest advent in Apple devices. If you have for long been using iTunes and Spotify for music fun, it is about time you upgraded. Apple Music is certainly the way to go.

  1. Pic Joy

For those who have been facing a lot of challenges tracing photos in their iOS devices, this is the right app for you. Pic Joy is meant to organize all your photos in a manner that they can be traced easily.

  1. Buzz Feeds

In order to catch up with the latest news in the world, you will require Buzz Feeds for your iOS device. The app is designed to offer you constant updates on daily happenings.

  1. Beet

This is more like a social app. It is meant for allowing users to film short video footages and later compile them in an ongoing montage. You can film as many short videos as you want and use the app.

  1. Qapital

Well, if you are business oriented, this is the iOS app that you should get yourself. It is a mobile-banking app that enables one to meet any financial goals. You can save a particular amount of money on regular basis, with the help of this app.

  1. Free

It is only true that you at times get bored especially when you have no one to hook-up with. Free is the iOS app you need. It is meant to send alerts to your close friends informing them on when you will be free. Interaction with iOS is absolutely in its best.

  1. Star Wars

It is one of the most sophisticated iOS apps out there. With Star Wars, it is possible to take selfies and share iconic costumes. You can also get Star Wars weather forecasts from the same app. It is indeed a must-get.

  1. Tindog

Are you a dog lover? You should definitely get this app in your iOS gadget. With it, you can share information with your friends and family on anything regarding dogs. Amazing!

  1. Tossup

You might have faced frustrations when coordinating meet-ups with a great number of people. Tossup will make everything in that regard easy. It has among other features, group messaging to ensure that you easily communicate with your friends.

  1. Scanner Pro

It is very easy to turn your iOS device into a portable scanner. This app is meant to facilitate easy scanning of documents from any place of choice. We must acknowledge that scanning is a thing of demand nowadays.

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