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Top 10 Android Apps in 2014


top-android-apps-2014Your Android phone may be having a sleek design and cutting-edge specs, but if you’ve not installed the right Apps—there’s a lot the phone is missing. That applies to all Android smartphones–from Samsung Galaxy to moto G and the rest, 2014 comes with a number of Android Apps that conclude smartphone experience.

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Below, is a list of 10 such Apps that every owner of Android smartphone should be having as we speak:


Needless to say, Whatsapp is great and a must-have App at this time and age. Of course, your regular texting service allows you to send messages and multimedia. But WhatsApp takes texting on a different higher level. You can send message, pictures, audio files, fun stickers, location, and, soon, you’ll be able to use the app to make voice calls. So if your Android smartphone doesn’t have WhatsApp or–far better–WhatsApp PLUS, you’re probably missing out a lot as far as text communication goes.

Microsoft Office–free

Does your PC have Microsoft Office? If it does, then you have all the reasons to have the App installed on your smartphone. Microsoft saw the distress in users of their precious office software, as they struggled to convert their documents into versions that could be viewed and edited via tablets and phones. And so, they created this app that we believe should be embraced by every owner of Android smartphone unless you’re somehow allergic to documents.


The 16Mp camera on your galaxy is impressive. Congrats. But there’s something very important your phone is missing. The images you take, do they require cropping, resizing, rotation, color grading, filtering, or—for lack of a better general word—photoshopping. If they do, then snapseed is the App. There are a number of other alternative photo-editing Apps that can do pretty much the same things, but we have all the reasons to recommend Snapseed over any of them.


Newsbeat is an App that makes you lazy—but in nice way. It is fun and the kind of App you’d wish to have when you’re blowing off steam after work, and feeling a little too lazing to read. It searches online for the news you might be interested in, and instead of letting you read the news yourself, it reads for you. But that’s not where everything ends, it plays sound effects and short jingles, while varying the tone where necessary, so it doesn’t appear like a robot is reading the news for you.


Everybody reminisces. But have you ever bothered to reflect on some of the activities you did on social media, say, a year back? If not, you need Timehop. With this App, you can log into any social network then allow the App to cue you in on what you were doing a year back. That, alongside a number of other small features on the app, is enough to make your social media experience even more fun than it already is.

Estar battery Saver–free

You phone needs juice, all the time. Otherwise it’ll just be useless like that worthless piece of stone you see, until you recharge it. That’s the sad truth. But then again, we have Estar Battery Saver that lets you control how your Apps sip the juice off your phone. Not only does the App help you identify the culprit, it also briefs you on the battery life you’re likely to save in case you kill that power-hungry App.


QuizUp is a trivia game App that lets you compete against other users of the App. On the general, the App tests your understanding of different subjects—geography, science, history, math, grammar, literature, or, well, general knowledge. It has thousands quizzes revolving around different subjects, and the more you answer the question correctly, the higher you move up on the Apps leaderboard.

Sunrise Calendar—Free

Sunrise Calendar was initially limited to iOS users alone, but as we speak the App can also be found in Google Apps store. It’s an organization superpower that lets you plan your daily tasks, appointments, meeting, class and schedules. It also integrates Google Maps to automatically incorporate maps to your plans and events.



The MyFitnessPal App does a little more than help you stay healthy and lose weight; it offers the necessary guidance and support you need to manage the calories you consume. So, if you’ve been questioning your weight loss attempt to a point where you want to jump ship, don’t do it until you hear what Mr. MyFitnesspal has to say.


If you use Dropbox on your PC, we’ve enough reasons to believe you’ll still need it on your phone. Or how will it feel being able to access the photos, books, documents and other files saved on your PC’s Dropbox using your phone, or vice versa?

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