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Need to Upgrade your Computer Hardware? Check out these Tips


Upgrading_Desktop_ComputerIf your desktop computer is getting slow in performance or perhaps you want to super charge your PC to be able to executes programs faster and better? Upgrading your computer hardware might be the answer. Upgrading your computer comes in two scenario here;

  • Hardware upgrades which comprises of physical device components like the microprocessor, hard disk drive, RAM memory, PCI cards and slot etc.
  • Software upgrade: This consist of the computer operating system and other software programs.

In this article we will be focusing on the hardware upgrade, which is the changing and replacing of some basic components like memory (Random Access Memory), processor or the hard disk drive which are also known as Field Replacement Units (FRUs). Also we are using the desktop computer as a case study but this same techniques works with laptop computers.

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You can decides to buy a higher configuration brand new computer totally but since upgrading some components like the hard disk, RAM memory, microprocessor do normally improves the computer system performances most times, you might want to give it a try and of course that might eliminate the need of buying another brand new PC.

Before upgrading the hardware part of your computer system, certain requirement have to be met. We will be talking in reference to the desktop computer here.
The computer system processor speed work hand in hand with the motherboard bus speed, therefore one can’t just remove a processor and replace it with any other type, else a damage to the board or processor is done. Upgrading the processor which is usually not always necessary but at times the need may arise, one has to change the processor with a speed not very higher than the current one, for example, you may upgrade a processor with a speed of 1.5GHz to 1.7 or 1.9GHz but 2.0 or higher is not recommended or else one over load the board with work which can blow it out.

Random Access Memory (RAM) which is very important will greatly increase the speed your computer execute a program but one has to replace the RAM with the exact type there just that the capacity which is the reason of upgrading have to increase except for computer system that has two different RAM slot which is not common these days. One can insert two different types of RAM memory into the computer which it will calculate it together. One can increase the RAM memory by doubling it capacity let’s say 256MB to 512MB, 512MB to 1GB, 1GB to 2GB, 2GB to 4GB and so on or even triple it let’s say 512MB to 1.5GB.

The hard disk drive which may not necessary need but important and might be compulsory depending on individual user, one has to replace it with a higher one same type either double or triple the capacity, let’s say 40BG to 80 or 160GB, format, install it and copy back your files which your might have make the back up to a flash drive or external removable drive or using the technique of pairing the former disk drive with the new one just to be able to copy back the files to the new installed disk drive.

Additional component or devices might need to be install like extra USB port; buy the PCI card if your computer has the slot or USB splitter , replacing CD ROM/writer drive with DVD ROM/writer drive, installing wireless LAN card (PCI or USB connector). With this tips i believe you now have an idea of how you can easily upgrade your computer hardware and worth trying. Feel free to share your thought via the comment box.

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