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3 Tips to Frustrate Hackers Gaining Access to Your Wireless Network


3 Tips to Frustrate Hackers Gaining Access to Your Wireless NetworkEven as the general saying goes thus” No network is 100% secure, not even in the world of wireless networking, yes but there are strategies and procedure one can take to make life miserable to even the so called gurus in hacking world. Encrypting your wireless router or network alone does not guarantee you safety! Hackers don’t want you to detect there is a loophole in your network so they can gain easy access to cracking and hacking into your wireless network and performs their evil deeds. As a computer network expert, below i have listed 3 tips to make your wireless router/network hard to hackers to attack and break into.

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1. Use WPA2 in place of WEP

Gone are the days when Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)-based are secure for our routers. These days even a newbie hacker gain break and gain access into WEP without much stress, making it essentially useless as a protection mechanism. Many people set their wireless routers up years ago and have never bothered to change their wireless encryption from WEP to the newer and stronger WPA2 security. Updating your router to WPA2 is more secure.

2. Implementing VPN in public networks

Hackers can use tools like Firesheep and AirJack to perform “man-in-the-middle” attacks where they insert themselves into the wireless conversation between sender and receiver. Once they have successfully inserted themselves into the line of communications, they can harvest your account passwords, read your e-mail, view your IMs, etc. They can even use tools such as SSL Strip to obtain passwords for secure websites that you visit. I recommend using a commercial VPN service provider to protect all of your traffic when you are using wi-fi networks. Costs range from $7 and up per month. A secure VPN provides an additional layer of security that is extremely difficult to defeat. Unless the hacker is extremely determined they will most likely move on and try an easier target

3. MAC Address filtering alone isn’t effective and trusted.

Media Access Control (MAC) address is a hard coded unique identifier embedded on most network gadgets like computer, game system, printer, etc. Most Wireless Routers has the ability to grant or deny network access based on a device’s MAC address. The wireless router inspects the MAC address of the network device requesting access and compares it your list of permitted or denied MACs. This sounds like a great security mechanism but the problem is that hackers can “spoof” or forge a fake MAC address that matches an approved one. All they need to do is use a wireless packet capture program to sniff (eavesdrop) on the wireless traffic and see which MAC addresses are traversing the network. They can then set their MAC address to match one of that is allowed and join the network.

This are just 3 common tips among many others, have you got any more tips for protection you did like to share? Kindly use the comment box below.

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