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Tinder To Start Verifying Accounts With A Blue Tick


tinderJust like twitter, Tinder has started verifying accounts, the application will now push aside spam accounts that does not belong to celebrities So that users of the application will not need to have second thought whether a celebrity’s profile is real or not.

Tinder made this move to let their users know the legit and non-legit accounts on the application. Starting from today, tinder will start verifying accounts with a blue tick just like twitter’s own just for their viewers to eliminate any second thoughts.

“Each day, 26 million matches are made on Tinder, and we do our best to keep those matches real – that’s why we’re rolling out Verified Profiles,” explains a Tinder blog post.

It’s the same blue tick one might have seen while stalking people on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Next time, you see a hot profile with a blue tick, make sure you don’t miss it.

According to Tinder, the blue tick will only be available for “notable public figures, celebrities, and athletes.” However, people on the social app don’t need to worry about their own blue tick, the app will definitely provide you with one, only if you’re are popular enough.

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