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Things to Consider Before Upgrading Your iPhone 6 to iPhone 6S


iPhone 6S rose gold-970-80We all know when it comes to design and much battery, Apple iPhone 6 has it and they have improved in both side plus obligatory power boost, the iPhone 6 was one of the best phones of 2014. It still stands tall now, but it’s being replaced by the newer and well upgraded iPhone 6S.

If you are currently using an iPhone 6 you might be wondering whether enough has really changed and improved to justify upgrading to the 6S. After all, it doesn’t even have a new number in the name.

Well, the choice is yours but to help you, we’ve put both phones head to head so you can see the difference.


If you still want to stick to your iPhone 6, you would surely miss a lot because the iPhone 6S is really a gorgeous phone but it also looks like the iPhone 6.


Both phone comes with a slim metal unibody with curved edges, but there is a little bit diffence in their dimension and weight, the iPhone 6s comes with a 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1mm and 143g, while the iPhone 6 is slightly slimmer and lighter at 138.1 x 67 x 6.9mm and 129g.

The iPhone 6s is stronger as it uses a 7000 Series aluminium alloy, which should help avoid a repeat of BendGate.

Talking about their colours, both phones are in space grey and silver, but Apple has added new colours which are gold and rose options, so if you are lover of one of those colour and you wish to rock an iPhone 6s. Congrats.

Both phones features 4.7-inch 1334 x 750 screens, but according to Apple it’s used the strongest glass in the industry for the iPhone 6S. We still wouldn’t drop it though.


Apple also did another improvement which is the 3D Touch. This is an advanced version of the Force Touch feature from the Apple Watch and allows the screen to respond differently to different levels of pressure. So in some instances a light tap on something will let you ‘peek’ into it, while a harder push will ‘pop’ it open. In other instances a harder push will bring up a selection of alternate interactions.

While the iPhone 6s comes with loads of improvements the iPhone 6 still has a very good screen with cool contrast and great colour reproduction.

Power and performance
One thing the iPhone 6s has is a significant performance boost. It has an Apple A9 processor which is 70% fast than the A8 chip that hte iPhone 6.


In use the iPhone 6 doesn’t feel lacking in power, but you’ll certainly be more future-proofed if you swap it for an iPhone 6S.

The iPhone is one phone made for photo lovers as the phone boosted the megapixel count of its camera for the first time since the iPhone 4S. This year you can look forward to a 12MP snapper on the back and a 5MP one on the front, up from 8MP and 1.2MP for the front and rear cameras of the iPhone 6.


It also features a 4K video, animated live photos and a new Retina Flash for the front-facing camera, which lights the screen more than you can ever imagine.

The battery of the iPhone 6s should serve you for good 14hours of talk time or 11hours of video just like the iPhone 6.

Price and availability

The iPhone 6 has been available for a year and it has really made lots of sales, so it’s readily available from numerous stores including Apple’s own shops and website, where it’s dropped to £459 / $549 / AU$929.

The iPhone 6S on the other hand will be made available for pre-orders on September 12 before hitting stores on September 25. It’s also rather more expensive at £539 / $649 / AU$1,079.


Despite only being an ‘S’ model the iPhone 6S is a substantial improvement on the iPhone 6. It will be coming with more power, an upgraded camera, a stronger build and new features.

We all know it will surely be more expensive, and while the camera and processor have both been improved they didn’t feel particularly lacking on the iPhone 6. So should you upgrade? If you have an iPhone 6 then probably not. You’ll get much greater returns if you wait one more year for the iPhone 7.

Having said that the iPhone 6S is sure a fantastic phone, so buying it wouldn’t really be a great decision, and if you’re using anything older than the iPhone 6 then an upgrade could be well worth it, as the iPhone 6 was a major change for Apple – and the iPhone 6S seemingly comes close to perfecting it.

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