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The Voicemail Transcription In Google Voice Is Getting Better


voicemailVoicemail transcription services has been unable to get traction from the masses due to the poor quality of these transcripts. Google Inc. is determined to increase the quality of its transcripts and said that it can cut transcription errors by approximately 50%, though the results may still vary.

Google said that it’s using the “long short-term memory deep recurrent neutral networks.” This is the same technology that the search engine gaint uses in its image recognition development, while it has also make use of users feedback to train its new development.

The beneficiaries from this will be all those people who tend to get a lot of calls and at times miss a few of them, all they have to do is to use Google voice like they always do. The new voicemail transcript is all ready for both Google Voice and Project Fi. Google said that users have played a very important role in the improvement of the product.

The search engine gaint said that with the support of users it will try to make voicemail transcriptions a very good experience. If Google is able to deliver a better experience for its voicemail transcriptions, it will be a major breakthrough for Google.

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