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The Mifione W15 Smartwatch


When we talk of a smart watch, the first thing that strikes your mind is something sophisticated and a reflection of modern technology, right? Now, this is exactly what you should get from a Smartwatch. Mifione W15 is a perfect example of modern Smartwatches that any person would prefer without hesitation.

Mifione_smartwatchMifione W15 is among the very new releases in the market and one whose domination is explicit. So many people are opting for this watch simply because it serves them to their satisfaction. You will undoubtedly like the integration of features that this Smartwatch features. The manufacturer of the watch understands that modernity has already taken a whole new level and that is why he makes the watch match everything in the current age.

Among the main features that this watch comes with include:

Curved Sapphire Touch Screen

Any person in search of a smartwatch will certainly consider the kind of screen in question first. A smartwatch that does not have the best display screen should not be considered. Mifione W15 comes with a screen that is more than what any person would want. The curved Sapphire touch screen has the capacity to sense the slightest touch. Its display provides you with different view angles.

Anti-Allergy Strap

What more would you want other than a smartwatch that minds your health? Of course this is what Mifione W15 comes with. The strap has been medically approved to be very safe for any user. If you are the kind of person with a sensitive skin, then you should consider buying this watch since there is no potential threat to your health. Aside from that, the strap is wide and tender to offer you comfort even if you intend to wear the watch for a long time.


Another very important feature that this watch comes with is Bluetooth. Any person can admit that Bluetooth is the most important file transfer tool. It is very easy for you to move files from your smartphone to the smartwatch, thanks to the Bluetooth function. Pairing this smartwatch is much easier than you ever thought. As a matter of fact, it is compatible with all Bluetooth devices.

Fast Synchronization Feature

There is nothing as great as controlling a smartphone right from your wrist. This is actually the main reason shy most people buy smartwatches. Mifione W15 smartwatch makes it possible for you to make and receive calls without necessarily using your smartphone. You can also manage your short messages, Whatsapp and other applications right from the smartwatch. In other words, it is just like having your smartphone but this time in the form of smartwatch.

Voice Recorder

If you had the perception that only smartphones can facilitate voice recording, then you are in for a surprise. Mifione W15 smartwatch is more than just a watch. It comes with a voice-recording feature to ensure that none of the important clips pass you. Journalists and other people who record voices frequently can consider this watch.  You can be assured that this is indeed the all-time release in the world of smartwatches.

Price and Availability

mifone_smartwatchThe Mifione W15 smartwatch is availability at a promo price for a time period from Gearbest.com

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