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All About the ASUS GX500 Gaming Laptop


If your laptop is heavier than a cinder block, or gives you enough time while booting up to prepare an omelet and run to the shop, then perhaps it’s high time you considered getting a new Asus GX500. Packed with a Core i7 processor and 4K display, this is the laptop everyone would want to own at this time and age.

asus gx500For a starter, the laptop only weighs 2.2kg (approximately 5 pounds), which is to say it’s one of the lightest laptops in the market as we speak. With a thickness of only 19mm, it’s also considered the trimmest laptop in Asus line of production.

Power by Intel’s Core-i7 processor, the laptop’s visuals encompasses Nvidia’s GTX860M graphic adapter, and a 15.6inch 4K Ultra-HD display, coupled with VisualMaster technology that gives it and incredible gamut of 100 percent NTSC color. If you’re in position to understand what exactly that means, then you definitely won’t need a further explanation as to why many people think Asus GX500 is the realest deal in the market today.

Also worth mentioning is the dual-fan cooling systems, which keeps the beast from heating up and setting your groinal area on fire.

Even more interesting is that Asus GX500 doesn’t use SATA SSD or SATA hard drive. It instead uses an M2 PCle x4SSD, which apparently is way faster than SATA based SSDs. That goes without mentioning the 802.11 ac Wi-Fi connectivity and the bang and Olufsen ICE power for Audio. Suffice it to say these are some of the high-end features that fetch Asus GX500 the top spot over many of the advanced laptops in the market and those about to hit the market, as well.

For I/O connectivity, the GX500 comes with a HDMI output and the common triple USB 3.0 ports. It however spices things up by offering a Mini-Display Port that come handy for users who want to pump up their resolution beyond the usual 1080p.

Most notable of all the features is the high resolution, which displays a pixel density of a whopping 280ppi—exceeding the pixel density of Apple’s Retina display. As such, the images and texts viewed on this notebook are way sharper and crisper than most of the high-end laptops in the market today.

For a notebook targeted at gamers, the laptop comes with a chassis made from aluminum, which makes its appearance not only good, but also solid to touch and feel. Under the hood there’s the quad-core intel’s Core i7-4712HQ CPU—2.3 GHz with 6MB L3 cache, which is backed up by 16GB of Ram as well as the latest NVIDIA’s mobile GPU—GeForce GTX 860 M.

Like we’ve already mentioned, the notebook only offers flash storage, which come in two configurations: dual 128GB mSATA RAID drives and a single 256/512GB x4 M.2-PCle-based SSD. When the two are compared, the second configuration is actually quicker; as such, it’s priced a bit on the high-end when compared to the former configuration. Asus is also quick to point out that their GX500 is mainly focused on performance; consequently, they will not be offering a mechanical hard drive option.

Price and release date

Depending on configuration, the gaming laptop is currently going for a price range of $1, 700 to about $2, 000. The laptops were released in October and are currently available in various retail shops and computer outlets all across the world.

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