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Apple iPhone 6s is more popular than iPhone 6: T-Mobile

The Apple iPhone 6s is becoming one of the best-selling iPhone model ever made. Last year, the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus...

T-Mobile’s Native Video calling eature now works on newest Samsung phones

T-Mobile has unviels a new feature that allows you to make calls from your smartphone's call log, almost the same way you make normal...

You Can Now Get The BlackBerry Classic Cheaper On T-Mobile

You can now get an unlocked BlackBerry Classic for just $369.99 from US carrier T-Mobile. The “uncarrier” network just cut off $70 from the...

T-Mobile Advanced Messaging Duplicates Some Facebook And WhatsApp Features

T-Mobile’s CTO, Neville Ray had plans to make the carrier the number one carrier in the nation by adopting a Rich Communication Services (RCS)...

T-Mobile And Sprint CEOs Fight Dirty On Twitter

Have you’ve ever wondered what can cause a fight between two biggest carriers US? Today, a huge fight came up on Twitter as T-Mobile’s witty...

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