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Google is constructing its own consumer Android phone

We've spent a lot of time this past year wondering if and when Google would bite the bullet and just build its own Android...

The new Moto X Leaked it will be made of metal

We've already previewed the rumored new Moto G, but now, the internet is gifting us again with reported images of the Moto X. The leaked phone...

Moto G 4th generation smartphone shown off in leaked video

https://youtu.be/YnyFTqRKlLQ   The fourth generation of the Moto G, Motorola's low-cost all-star handset, has apparently popped up in both a leaked video and computer render. The hands-on...

Motorola Built unbreakable Droid’s screen

Motorola believes cracked screens could soon be a thing of the past. In a partnership with Verizon, Motorola introduced the Droid Turbo 2 on...

Lenovo May Stop Producing Smartphones Soon and Focus On Motorola Brands

Lenovo reveals in a recent quote that it will stop making Lenovo phones and focus more on its Motorola phones. “There will be a more-simple,...

Motorola Set To Unveil 2015 Edition Of Its Moto G

Motorola is at the edge of unveiling a new model from their best-selling mobile product lineup. Many are expecting the 2015 edition of Motorola...

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