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How To Format An External Hard Drive On Windows 10


It is pretty obvious that you would want to format your infected external hard drive on your computer. However, there may be confusion especially if you are using the latest windows version. Windows 10 has some features that other previous versions lack and that is why you should aim at understanding the entire formatting process afresh. The very fundamental thing you should know is the location of your storage in the computer. That way, it will be easy to understand where all the drives are located.

windows_10_0To format your external hard drive, you will require following very simple and precise steps. However, you must ensure that the drive is not opened first especially if it is infected with virus. Opening an infected hard drive may contaminate your computer hence prompting it to malfunction.

Here are simple steps to follow when formatting your external hard drive:

#Step 1

Plug in your external hard drive into your computer. In most cases, you will have to plug it in using a USB extension cable. Make sure that the hard drive’s end is connected first before you plug the other end into the USB port of your computer. Connection must be firm to ensure that communication between the hard drive and computer is flawless.

#Step 2

Allow your computer to detect the hard drive that you have plugged. In the case of windows 10, you will be notified when the hard drive has been detected. A pop up bubble will be seen on the display screen to confirm that your external hard drive is visible. However, you should not open the hard drive through the pop up bubble.

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#Step 3

On the desktop of your computer, you will trace an icon labeled ‘This PC’. This is the icon that you are supposed to open. The icon carries all the storage constituents of your computer including additional/external hardware. Considering that your external hard drive is a foreign hardware, a new icon will be generated in the list of other storage components. The name in this case will depend on how you named it initially.

#Step 4

Upon tracing the name of your external hard drive, press the ‘right’ button of your mouse when the pointer is on that particular icon. This will generate a list of options on the actions you should take. One of the options in this case is ‘format’. This is the very option that you should be interested in.

#Step 5

Upon clicking on the ‘format’ option, you will be provided with a warning notifying you that you are about to lose all data in the respective hard drive. An option to cancel the process is given in case you are not sure about formatting your hard drive. If you are very sure that you want to erase and format everything in the hard drive, then you should click ‘ok’. You will see a loading bar in the progress of formatting the hard drive. You will eventually be notified that the hard drive is formatted.

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