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Professional Database Management with SQL database Studio


SQL Database Studio (SDS) is advanced alternative to SQL Management Studio. SDS has plenty of additional features which are very handy for either developers or users who need to work with MS SQL databases.

SQL database StudioFor example one SDS feature interesting for majority of database users is ability to filter data with no need to write SQL queries. And there is plenty more.

SDS in more details

Whole design of the software is built in metro style. In SDS you can organize your work in projects which contains connections to databases. Every connection can be labeled with risk level which is distinguished by color in the bottom panel. This way you can easily recognize if you are working with production or testing database.

GUI of SDS consists of dock-able windows containing text-box filters on top enabling user for example to filter out necessary table or view at any time. The same applies for sorting data.

Another interesting feature is table lookup. It automatically searches for foreign keys in tables and replacesit with real values from relevant tables.

Finally quite uncommon feature worth mentioning is GPS data visualization. This feature simply visualizes GPS data stored in tables (in longitude, latitude format) in various maps like Google Maps, Bing Maps, Open Street Maps, etc.

There is of course much more features (table comparison, export/import, etc)which you can check out on official SDS website sqldatabasestudio.com.


SDS exists in two main versions PRO and EXPRESS. EXPRESS version can be used freely even for commercial projects. PRO version (which costs 159USD) offers additional features which are handy for more robust projects. It is possible to try PRO version capabilities for free for first 30 days as a trial version.

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