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Spectranet Data Plan Subscription for 4G LTE Service


Spectranet Networks remains one of Nigeria’s cheapest data and internet provider.

spectranet-data-planWith their 4G LTE services currently in Lagos and Abuja, plans are on the way to expand their LTE services to other cities and states in the country. Below is current list data plan and subscription from spectranet.

Spectranet Subscription

Plan NamePrice in Naira (N)ValidityData Allowed in GBAccess TimeSpeedPrice per Additional GB
Knight 4000*4000Monthly206pm - 8amUnlimited200
Knight 6000*6000Monthly406pm - 8amUnlimited150
Knight 8000*8000Monthly555pm - 9amUnlimited145
Knight Cine 4000*4000Monthly4010pm - 8amUnlimited100
Knight Cine 5000*5000Monthly5010pm - 8amUnlimited100
Excess Neo 40004000Monthly524 hoursUnlimited800
Excess Value 70007000Monthly2024 hoursUnlimited350
Excess Smart 1200012000Monthly4024 hoursUnlimited300
Excess Smart 1450014500Monthly5024 hoursUnlimited290
Excess Smart 1950019500Monthly7024 hoursUnlimited279

Price of Device

Spectranet currenlyt has two type of internet modem devices, the CPE multi-user hub and the portable MIFI modem.

The CPE multi-user hub cost N17,000 if you are going for any of the Knight plan and N11,000 if you going for any of the Excess plan while the MIFI modem cost N17,000 and N14,000 for the Knight and Excess plan respectively. NB: Price of device do changes often so you can call their customer support on 07002345678 for current price.

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