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Snapchat – The New Trend in Video Messenging


snapchat logoEach and every couple of years, a new social network platform shows up and it quickly declared the future of social media, let me explain it in a simple and lay man’s way.

First there was Friendster, then MySpace showed up & got rid of Friendster. Facebook came along and took out MySpace, then Instagram showed up, which was later bought off by Facebook for a billion dollars and now there’s Snapchat !!!

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Snapchat is a messaging service that allows people to send photos or videos to each other, basically called as Snap.Facebook tried to buy Snapchat for a reported 3 Billion dollars, but Snapchat refused.

Snapchat was known as a messaging app used to send pictures that would disappear, but that was before they introduced a feature called Stories. So stories are nothing but how you make a snapchat of your day throughout and you put it through your story and you can just let your friends live your day with you.In other words Stories are daily log of some pictures and quick videos. You can add as many of your pictures as you want, but each lasts 24 hours then it disappears.

There’s a reason Snapchat is a 10 billion dollar deal, i.e. no one yet has figured out live videos on mobile, Not Instagram, Not Youtube, Not even Faceboook.
You see it’s never been about just sharing a moving image, it’s about giving people an easy way to tell a story. Everything is like a live action or live telecast, you live in the moment.Because all the stories disappear, there’s a sense of urgency, feeling almost compulsively to post more.

For beginners follow these steps so that you become able to ” SNAP AND GO ” :-
1) Download and Install : You can download Snapchat from your’s phone app store for free.
2) Sign Up: You can now create your account for free, all it requires is your email address, b’day and a password obviously. After you are done with the signing up, you need to create a username which has to be unique.
3) Add your contacts: It automatically scans your contacts and adds all your friends who are on Snapchat.

How to send a Snap:- Whenever you click the app, your phone will automatically activate your phone’s camera to quickly line up some shots. You just have to tap single time on the button to click a picture or keep it holding while recording a video.
You can even download the image, your’e going to send by clicking the download button, if you miss to save it, your snap will be gone forever.
You can set a time limit attached to each snap , so that viewers will always have allotted time to view the snap.
Setting a caption and drawing on the picture are common features of snapchat.
Because of it’s multi – colored drawing abilities people love sending snaps. They recently also added filters to edit your pictures as in Instagram.

To view a Snap, you just need to press and hold the Snap you wanna watch, and it will pop up as per the allotted time.

Some tips for using Snapchat efficiently are :-
— Activate all your cool features in your settings such as filters, front-facing flash, replay, etc etc.
— Use special text to overlay your snap with larger text and emoticons.
— Draw with hidden colors such as Transparent color, and many more.
— User filters as per the desired picture.
— Always tap front facing flash for selfies where lightning is too dark, it automatically brightens your snap.

So in the end i conclude that young people are lot more interested in the ephermal, like interacting in the physical world where there’s less scrutiny, no comments no likes, it’s just an interaction that happens & then it disappears.

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